The Lord strengthened Elijah. He was able to minister to an entire nation of people. He had been miraculously fed by birds, resurrected a child from the dead and called down fire from heaven. 
Apparently that all left his memory. Or he felt under appreciated. Maybe he just felt lonely. Regardless of how he felt here is what he told the Lord: I quit. Not just once but on four separate occasions. Twice under a juniper tree and twice in a cave. 
Here’s what the Lord didn’t say: “Fine then, quit.” 
Instead the Lord comforted Elijah. He told him that he was going to use him to prepare a way for not only his generation but the next. He loved him. Elijah pulled himself together and got back to the work of the Lord. 
Sometimes we may feel like we have exhausted the patience of God. Maybe we feel like we’ve “cried wolf” one too many times. But our God is merciful. He is patient and he is loving. He gives us grace. 
Scripture taken from:

I Kings 17-19