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June 2016


Jesus passed by the tax collector’s table. “Follow me” he said to Matthew. 

Jesus walked along the Sea of Galilee and saw men fishing. “Follow me” he said to Peter and Andrew. 

Jesus continued to walk along the seashore. He saw men working on a ship. “Follow me” he said to James and John. 

The point is Jesus met the men where they were. They didn’t have to prepare themselves or be in a certain place. They just answered the call, from where they were, to be followers of Christ. 

The word says Jesus came to seek and to save those that were lost. I am so glad he found me!! 

Scripture taken from:

Matthew 9:9

Matthew 4:18-22

Luke 19:10

Bound By Love

Paul saw a need for leadership in Timothy’s life. So he took it upon himself to fulfill that need. He prayed for Timothy. He encouraged him. He counseled him on how to become a mature Christian. 

Paul referred to Timothy as his “beloved son”.

To have that type of a bond with our fellow Christians is something that we can strive for. To give encouragement in love. To receive counsel in grace. To pray for one another diligently. 

We would all benefit from acting on the love we have for one another. 

Scripture taken from:

I & II Timothy

Be Constant

How many times are you willing to deny your flesh to be obedient to The Lord? How often are you willing to disregard man’s advice when it goes against the word of The Lord? 
What if someone continually pointed out to you that you were wrong in what you thought God was telling you….that surely God didn’t mean that….
Once a man of God was sure he had heard God tell him not to eat or drink from a certain area. At first the man of God was bold in denying himself food and water. But as time moved on his resolve weakened. A few offers later the man of God was eating and drinking where he shouldn’t have been….going directly against the word of God.
A lion destroyed him.
Learn from this man’s example. Don’t allow yourself to be coerced into going against what The Lord told you. Continue to stand firm in what you know to be right. Even if it means denying others and your flesh time and time again.
Originally posted June 28, 2013

Building Reliance Upon God

Gideon had gathered quite the army to battle against the Midianites. He had every reason to be confident in the strength of the men that he was going to war with. 

So God stripped down the number of men. He didn’t want the men to be deceived about who actually won the war: God-not them. 

It probably made the men hesitant. It may have made them to question if they were doing right heading into battle. But their feelings of fear weren’t valid. Because all along they were being prepared for a victory. A victory in not only winning the battle but a victory in building their reliance upon in God. 

We may face times that make us wonder if God is purposely setting out to have us suffer. It is never true. Jesus always and only works in love. He always has our best interest in mind. 

Scripture taken from:

Judges 6:1-2

Remember and Go On

As Stephen stood before the Sanhedrin Council he relayed the history of God’s chosen ones. This was the perfect connection to where they stood that day. As I read the account I could imagine the confidence within Stephen growing. He, hearing himself speak, was reminded of God’s goodness and favor. It gave him courage and boldness to deliver the message God had given him. 

I pray that we learn from Stephen. That we gain boldness to go forth in our calling because we remember that the One who called is Faithful.

Scripture taken from:

Acts 7:1-53

Prayers for Boldness

Paul was very vocal in advocating the early church. He was a missionary. He even penned down the majority of the Word. 

In the midst of all of these works he was asking for prayer for himself. He needed people to pray that he would be bold in opening his mouth, in spreading the gospel. 

Essentially he was relying completely on God to continue to use him. In Jesus, Paul found his strength.

That same Jesus wants to use us. Let us be bold like Paul and take our petitions before God. Ask for courage. He alone is the one to provide strength, opportunities and blessings. 

Scripture taken from:

Ephesians 6:19

Making Jesus Known

Jesus went to sit by the seaside. Multitudes of people followed him. So many people that Jesus chose to get into a ship before he began teaching them. (The acoustics were better from this point.) 

“The whole multitude stood on the shore.”

Can’t you imagine an entire crowd of people in complete awe of Jesus? Just standing there listening to his every word? 

What I don’t imagine is people trying to speak over top of Christ. I don’t envision anyone trying to “steal the floor” from him.

I believe that at the top of this multitude’s agenda was to hear Jesus and to allow the opportunity for others to do the same. 

My prayer is that we learn from their example: this life is not about pushing our own ideas but about seeing that Jesus’ message is heard. 

Scripture taken from:

Matthew 13:1-2

Of Importance

Sihon and Og. Ever heard of them?

I hadn’t. Until this morning. I was reading in Psalms about the creation of the earth, the Israelite’s deliverance from Egypt and then surprisingly the defeat of Og and Sihon was squeezed into the middle of the account.
Immediately I was intrigued. What had happened here to get mentioned with the ranks of creation and the parting of the Red Sea? I searched the scriptures looking for more information. 
But about the only thing I could find was that God had defeated them. Plain and simple.
To us (at least to me) it isn’t as clear why those victories were important enough to be mentioned throughout the Old Testament. But to the Israelites it was obviously a point of strength.
Isn’t that like our history with Jesus?
Surely you’ve been through things that to others would seem insignificant but to you they are an aid to your faith. 
I have.
Paul’s imprisonment changed my life. It was knowing that Paul penned down the Word from prison, affecting millions, that encouraged me to look for ways to reach people from within my home.
Before The Lord had shown me Paul’s bondage from this perspective I was discouraged with thoughts of “I’m not able to do anything for The Lord because I’m not in the public.” But knowing that Paul reached others while in bondage gave me courage to seek a way to have an affect on others lives on a daily basis even though I wouldn’t actually be with them.
From reading of Paul’s imprisonment this blog (my tool to encourage other Christians) was born.
Og and Sihon meant something to the Israelite’s. Paul’s imprisonment means something to me. 
Jesus knows exactly how to speak to His children. He knows how to encourage us. Cling to what He has given you, no matter of what importance it is to someone else.

Scripture taken from:
Psalm 136:1-26
Originally posted June 11, 2014

Seeing Clearly

A group of people brought a blind man to Jesus to be healed. Jesus took the blind man away from the crowd. There he spit upon his eyes, put his hands on him and asked the man if he saw. 

The man replied “I see men walking as trees.”   

Jesus put his hands upon him a second time. After that he saw every man clearly.

What an honest plea the healed man gave when Jesus asked him what he saw. He could have said “Yes, I can see. Thank you.” But he wanted Jesus to perform more than just a physical healing. He wanted Jesus to heal the hardness of his heart. He no longer wanted to view man as unimportant, as useless beings–as trees…he wanted to see them as God had created them to be: a creation made in his image, a people of value. 

If you’ve reached the point where things are seemingly fine on the outside (the blind man could see –how else could he have given that description?) but inward you’re a mess, call out to Jesus. Ask him to heal your spiritual vision. He didn’t turn this man away. He won’t deny you either. 

Scripture taken from:

Mark 8:22-25

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