Six of the seven days a week God would send manna to feed the Israelites. The seventh day was the day to rest and eat what they had been given the day before. 

The lack of fresh food on each seventh day was in no way a slight to the Israelites. God had already supplied their nourishment the day before . They needed to eat on what had already been supplied. It would get them through to the first day of the week. 

At times we may struggle with discontentment. We may think that God doesn’t care about us because we don’t see any new evidence of him in our lives…we may feel like we are living on the seventh day. 

But the older blessings from prior days still count. They are a reminder of his love towards us. They are still praiseworthy. And they should be enough to sustain us until we feel the blessings coming fresh again. 

Scripture taken from: 

Exodus 16:15-26

II Peter 3:1-2