How many times are you willing to deny your flesh to be obedient to The Lord? How often are you willing to disregard man’s advice when it goes against the word of The Lord? 
What if someone continually pointed out to you that you were wrong in what you thought God was telling you….that surely God didn’t mean that….
Once a man of God was sure he had heard God tell him not to eat or drink from a certain area. At first the man of God was bold in denying himself food and water. But as time moved on his resolve weakened. A few offers later the man of God was eating and drinking where he shouldn’t have been….going directly against the word of God.
A lion destroyed him.
Learn from this man’s example. Don’t allow yourself to be coerced into going against what The Lord told you. Continue to stand firm in what you know to be right. Even if it means denying others and your flesh time and time again.
Originally posted June 28, 2013