Sihon and Og. Ever heard of them?

I hadn’t. Until this morning. I was reading in Psalms about the creation of the earth, the Israelite’s deliverance from Egypt and then surprisingly the defeat of Og and Sihon was squeezed into the middle of the account.
Immediately I was intrigued. What had happened here to get mentioned with the ranks of creation and the parting of the Red Sea? I searched the scriptures looking for more information. 
But about the only thing I could find was that God had defeated them. Plain and simple.
To us (at least to me) it isn’t as clear why those victories were important enough to be mentioned throughout the Old Testament. But to the Israelites it was obviously a point of strength.
Isn’t that like our history with Jesus?
Surely you’ve been through things that to others would seem insignificant but to you they are an aid to your faith. 
I have.
Paul’s imprisonment changed my life. It was knowing that Paul penned down the Word from prison, affecting millions, that encouraged me to look for ways to reach people from within my home.
Before The Lord had shown me Paul’s bondage from this perspective I was discouraged with thoughts of “I’m not able to do anything for The Lord because I’m not in the public.” But knowing that Paul reached others while in bondage gave me courage to seek a way to have an affect on others lives on a daily basis even though I wouldn’t actually be with them.
From reading of Paul’s imprisonment this blog (my tool to encourage other Christians) was born.
Og and Sihon meant something to the Israelite’s. Paul’s imprisonment means something to me. 
Jesus knows exactly how to speak to His children. He knows how to encourage us. Cling to what He has given you, no matter of what importance it is to someone else.

Scripture taken from:
Psalm 136:1-26
Originally posted June 11, 2014