A group of people brought a blind man to Jesus to be healed. Jesus took the blind man away from the crowd. There he spit upon his eyes, put his hands on him and asked the man if he saw. 

The man replied “I see men walking as trees.”   

Jesus put his hands upon him a second time. After that he saw every man clearly.

What an honest plea the healed man gave when Jesus asked him what he saw. He could have said “Yes, I can see. Thank you.” But he wanted Jesus to perform more than just a physical healing. He wanted Jesus to heal the hardness of his heart. He no longer wanted to view man as unimportant, as useless beings–as trees…he wanted to see them as God had created them to be: a creation made in his image, a people of value. 

If you’ve reached the point where things are seemingly fine on the outside (the blind man could see –how else could he have given that description?) but inward you’re a mess, call out to Jesus. Ask him to heal your spiritual vision. He didn’t turn this man away. He won’t deny you either. 

Scripture taken from:

Mark 8:22-25