After being ridiculed or disrespected repeatedly about what we know to be true we may begin to question our stance. We may become so worn down that we change our position completely even though it is for the worse. 

King Jeroboam refused to acknowledge God as the one true God. He made idols, images, burnt incenses to them. He even sent his wife on an errand, in disguise, to speak with a prophet of God. 

Our God’s response wasn’t “oh they’re making me look too harsh…I’ll play dumb this time and let it slide” or “well maybe their worshipping of idols isn’t so bad…I can give a little bit”.

Instead he continued to stand as the I Am, even though his own people were making light of who he was. Our God won’t lie or bend the truth to win popular opinion. His children don’t have to either.

Keep standing on the truth no matter what or who tries to shake you down. 

Scripture taken from:
I Kings 14:1-20