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Using the Word to Encourage Others


May 2016

Storms of Life

As Jesus lay asleep in the ship a storm surrounded them. The wind blew. The waves rocked the boat. The disciples were scared. They went to Jesus afraid that He was going to let them die.
“Peace, be still.”
The winds stopped. The waves settled. The storm was gone.
With those three words Jesus showed His disciples that He truly was God. 
They realized His power.
All because of a storm they went through.
In this life we will endure uncertain times. This doesn’t mean Jesus has abandoned us or that He doesn’t care. It’s in these difficult times that we can see God’s power. 
Run to Him. 
Be amazed by the God you serve.
Originally posted May 28, 2015

Keep Walking 

Jeremiah preached to the people in hopes that they would turn from their wickedness.

Instead of being appreciative for Jeremiah looking out for them they ridiculed his efforts and completely rejected his warning. 

Jeremiah talked to the Lord about how their rejection made him feel: dejected and angry. 

Here’s the thing the Lord reminded me of: he didn’t hold Jeremiah accountable for their response. He kept using Jeremiah, he kept speaking through him. And Jeremiah kept doing as the Lord said. 

People won’t always respond as we hope but we need to keep preaching the gospel, keep sharing the love of God. 

Scripture taken from:

Jeremiah 18:18-20

Put Forth Effort

Jeremiah was told to arise and go down to the potter’s house so that he could hear what the Lord had for him.  
He had to make preparations to receive the blessings the Lord had in store for him. 
Oftentimes we are required to do the same. Be willing to listen, speak, move, be still…whatever the Lord requires. He is setting you up for continued blessings down the road. 
Scripture taken from:

Jeremiah 18:2

Your Father’s Business

Jesus said “Let the dead bury their dead: but go thou and preach the kingdom of God.”
As Christians we aren’t called to throw the dirt on those living in sin. Instead we are called to get a shovel and make way for them to see the Light. 
Don’t give up hope. Keep preaching Jesus. 


Scripture taken from:

Luke 9:60

Praise Jesus

Praise Jesus.
He made you.
He saved you.
He has what’s best in store for you.
Praise The Lord.


Sometimes I feel like I just don’t get what The Lord is trying to teach me.
It’s discouraging and I feel like if I don’t figure it out quick enough then The Lord will just throw up His hands in frustration and move on.
So I was very encouraged while studying my bible this morning. Because even though I knew God doesn’t just dismiss His children in frustration He gave me an example.
Three times Jesus asked Peter “Peter do you love me?”.
Three times Jesus had to say to Peter “feed my sheep.”
Jesus also gave Peter a vision concerning what once was unclean meat.
Three times God had to tell Peter that it was now okay to eat what was once unclean.
Three times.
The Lord kept speaking to Peter until he got it.
Peter just stayed engaged. He kept communicating with The Lord until it finally dawned on him what was being said.
Our God. The creator of each and every human that has ever walked His beautiful earth cares enough about us to patiently teach us. He doesn’t give up on us.
Don’t give up on Him. Be still and know that He is God.
Originally posted May 14, 2014

Stand Still and Watch

Moses commanded the Israelites to stand still and watch the Lord fight for them. 
Some may see their part in Pharoah’s army’s defeat as non-crucial. But in actuality their obedience to do as the Lord commanded gave way to an undeniable victory for the nation and a platform for the power of their Lord to be made known among the neighboring countries. 
“Standing still and watching” will be the most effective if that’s what He has called you to do. 
Scripture taken from:

Exodus 14:13


You have to start somewhere. 
Your relationship with Christ, the ministry He has given you…it has a beginning and it will grow. Keep fueling it by taking in the Word, prayer and following after where the Lord leads. 
Job 8:7 Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase. 

Send them on their way

Moses’ momma let go of the dream of keeping her baby boy for herself. Not only did she let go but she also built the ark that sent him on his way. All so that he could have life on earth. 

What a beautiful snapshot of what motherhood/fatherhood/mentoring should look like. 

We should be leading others to follow after Christ so that He can guide them. The way we do that is to build them up with scripture and love and to cover them in prayer. 

Denying the flesh and giving them Jesus is the only way they’ll reach life eternal. 
Based on scripture from:

Exodus 2:2-10

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