For a lifetime the Samaritan woman had been satisfied with only quenching the thirst of the physical body. 

Then she met Jesus. He offered her water that would satisfy her soul. He offered her living water that would give her eternal life. She accepted, left her waterpot at the well, and went to take care of the most important matter first–telling others about her changed life because of Jesus.

Before accepting Jesus we may have been lulled into believing that we were here to live for this life and this life alone. Maybe we were completely satisfied with this. (Just as the Samaritan woman was completely satisfied with meeting only the needs of her flesh.)

But once we met Jesus, when He invited us to follow after Him–it was made known to us that this life paled in comparison to the eternal one. (The Samaritan woman realized this. She left her encounter with Jesus a changed woman with a vision to tend to the things of Christ before caring for the things of this present world.)

Which are you living for today? Are you living for this life alone or for are you living for a life of eternity with Christ?

Scripture taken from:

John 4:6-30