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May 2016

Epic Encounter


For a lifetime the Samaritan woman had been satisfied with only quenching the thirst of the physical body. 

Then she met Jesus. He offered her water that would satisfy her soul. He offered her living water that would give her eternal life. She accepted, left her waterpot at the well, and went to take care of the most important matter first–telling others about her changed life because of Jesus.

Before accepting Jesus we may have been lulled into believing that we were here to live for this life and this life alone. Maybe we were completely satisfied with this. (Just as the Samaritan woman was completely satisfied with meeting only the needs of her flesh.)

But once we met Jesus, when He invited us to follow after Him–it was made known to us that this life paled in comparison to the eternal one. (The Samaritan woman realized this. She left her encounter with Jesus a changed woman with a vision to tend to the things of Christ before caring for the things of this present world.)

Which are you living for today? Are you living for this life alone or for are you living for a life of eternity with Christ?

Scripture taken from:

John 4:6-30

A Study on Humility



Prayers of comfort for those who are grieving, prayers of gratefulness for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice & prayers of praise to Jesus, the One who sees and knows all.

Joy in the Journey

Psalm 16:11
Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; 
Joy in the journey of life comes when you’re walking with Jesus. 
I know that several of you have heard me teach on this topic. This is just a friendly reminder, whether you’re a Ruth or a Joshua: break away, keep the vision, be faithful to follow and step out of your comfort zone. 
I’m praying for you. 

Called to Action

The Israelite army listened to the threat of Goliath for forty days straight. Day after day passed and no one could summon up the courage to fight the giant. They actually reached the point where they would flee when Goliath would just show his face. 

Then came David. He heard the threat of Goliath once. Immediately he reacted. He went to the king to seek permission to fight on his country’s behalf.
He fought and won.
What was a difference in David and the army of men?

David’s boldness wasn’t given time to dissipate. His immediate action took away the opportunity to dissect why his plan wouldn’t work. On the other hand the army’s procrastination was the perfect breeding ground for fear. 

Let us take a page out of David’s book and be quick to act on the Lord’s will so that the voice of the enemy doesn’t wear us down.

Originally posted May 20, 2015

Making it Personal

The deaf man was healed when he followed Jesus away from the multitude. The blind man was given sight when he did the same. 

Miracles of Jesus happen in large crowds: think the feeding of the thousands. But they also happen on an individual basis, secluded from everyone else. 

Don’t shy away from meeting with Jesus when no one is looking. Those times are often the most intimate, personal experiences that grow us in our walk with Him. 

Scripture taken from:

Mark 7:31-35

Mark 8:1-9

Mark 8:22-25


The forsaking of your wicked ways and the repentance of your sin doesn’t just reflect well on you. It also is a sign of the Lord’s power. 
Go into the world with joy and peace. Let all see your change given by the Lord. 
Scripture taken from: 

Isaiah 55:12-13

Daily Bread

“You are what you eat” says people everywhere. 
And the Word of God backs it up. Paul writes that we, followers of Christ, are one bread because we are all partakers of that one bread-Jesus. 
Paul was teaching on partaking in communion. But this can speak to our every day walk with Christ too. When we accept the grace of God, read our Word, study, worship and pray–partake in the things of Jesus, then we become part of Christ’s body. 
Because we are seeking him out (feasting on the things of God) we are changed to become more like him. 

Scripture taken from:

I Corinthians 10:17


Trae and I have been raising our chickadees to walk in truth, to follow after the footsteps of Jesus. 
Our oldest daughter accepted Jesus as her savior a couple of years ago. Our youngest daughter wanted to do the same simply because her older sister had. She hadn’t grasped the fact that Jesus needed to be her savior because she needed redeemed of sin. 
Isaiah prophesies about the deaf being made to hear and the blind being given sight. This past Sunday we witnessed the scales fall from our baby girl’s eyes and her ears being opened. She wholly and completely grasped the plan of salvation. Then she accepted Jesus’ blood as the sacrifice for her sin. 
All praise to Jesus for His love, grace, mercy and forgiveness. Oh what a savior!! 

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