Uzza kept the ark from falling to the ground. Most likely he thought that he had to step in or else there would be a mess. But Uzza’s “help” was in direct contrast to what the Lord had said: “don’t touch the ark”. 

Uzza’s decision to “save the day” was a reflection of where he had chosen to place his trust. He had chosen to rely on himself and his knowledge instead of following the instruction of God.

It is tempting for us to go against the Lord’s will under the pretense of “helping Him out”. …speeding up a plan when we’ve been told to wait…speaking when we’ve been told to be silent…staying when we’ve been told to go…

But when we are deliberately disobedient to the guiding of God we are basically saying that He is wrong and we are right. 

Jesus is the one most capable of taking care of us and our situations. Always. Trust Him and what He shows you to be true.