Jonah sat in a fish’s belly. The events of the days leading him to where he was flash backed through his mind:….God told me to go to Nineveh….I went in another direction….I bought a ticket…..a storm came while we were at sea…..I told them to throw me over….I was the cause…..
Jonah began sobbing. The reality of his decisions had finally hit home. He poured his heart out to God. He begged for forgiveness.
The Lord forgave him.
Even though Jonah had purposefully chosen to go in a direction that The Lord wasn’t leading him in.
The Lord forgave him.
Even though Jonah was in direct contrast to God’s will.
The Lord forgave him.
God didn’t hold out on forgiveness for Jonah. He forgave him as soon as Jonah humbly prayed to be forgiven.
Jesus is able to forgive any person at any time they choose to come before Him with a repentant heart.
Even if that person has purposefully turned their back on God.
Originally posted April 30, 2013