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April 2016

Stick with the Truth

The Lord had just spoken about prophets that would prophesy a lie to the children.He told them what would happen and what the false prophet would say to deceive them. 
Along came the prophet, Hananiah, and made his outrageous false prophecy. He did it in front of all the priests and people. He had no shame. 
Thankfully Jeremiah, a prophet of God, called him out on it. 
Boldness and confidence are persuasive. But just because someone is bold or confident doesn’t make them right.
Stick with what the Lord has shown you to be true, no matter how persuasive, or enticing the false prophet may be. 

The enemy was furious. The Israelites we’re building a temple for God. “Who told you to build this temple? Give us their names!”
The elders of Israel looked them square in the eye and said “the God of heaven and earth.”

Two things to notice:

1) the Israelites knew who they were working for 

2) they knew to make it about God, not themselves.

It is so much easier to do hard things when you remember that you are working for the God of heaven and earth. When you remember that the battle really isn’t yours but it’s His and He has it under control. 

God is for you. He is using you to bring Him glory. Be bold in doing His will. 

Originally posted April 29, 2015


Josiah, king of Israel, was bent on clearing out idolatry. So much so that the Word records that he searched for it. 

In other words he didn’t just clear out the obvious, but the hidden parts too.

The same should apply to our lives too. Don’t just get rid of the sin that’s on the surface, viewable by anyone, but also give the Lord reign into the hidden places of your life. Allow Him to search your hearts. 

Scripture taken from:

II Kings 23:15-20

The Remnant 

The remnant that God chose to save were those that were righteous in his eyes. Those like Noah, Daniel and Job. 

Why? So that they could live a life of example to others. So others could find comfort and hope. 

The same reason you, child of God, are here. You are a beacon of light, an anchor someone can turn to in times of need. You are here to glorify God and benefit others. 

Scripture taken from:

Ezekiel 14:19-23

Win them over with love 

Our love for Jesus was won because of the love that He had for us.

Let us take that same approach in dealing with those that haven’t accepted Christ as their savior: love them. Because hatefulness, high-mindedness, and arguments aren’t going to win people to Christ. 

I John 4:19

Miracle Workers

Elisha the prophet was instrumental in bringing the Shunammite boy back from the dead. He played a significant role in Naaman being healed of leprosy. Even after he died he was still part of miracles: a dead man came to life again when his bones touched Elisha’s skeleton. 

His predecessor, Elijah left this world in a chariot of fire. Elisha died of sickness. 

Neither lacked faith. Both were miracle workers. But God’s will for their lives differed when their time on earth came to an end. 

Scripture taken from:

II Kings 13:14

Two men headed toward Emmaus. They had just walked away from the empty tomb broken-hearted and discouraged. Jesus’ body was no longer there.
A man came along beside them. He asked why they were so somber. He comforted them with scriptures. He walked with them.
The man was Jesus. The men were clueless.
The men on the road to Emmaus had left the grave of Jesus with their faith in Him rocked. As Jesus came unto them they were completely unaware. Their thoughts were on what they believed to be true, not The Truth walking with them.
As believers we sometimes allow our focus to stray from Jesus to the situations that we are encountering. We allow our emotions to dictate what we believe. We dwell on what we think to be true and totally miss out on enjoying the presence of God.
We will face situations that discourage us. Instead of getting caught up in those emotions stay focused on Jesus. He is with you always, caring how you feel, teaching you with His Word, walking by your side.
Recognize His presence and enjoy the walk.
Originally posted April 26, 2013

Extending Forgiveness


Pride and humility can’t co-exist. Neither can forgiveness and unforgiveness. 
Jesus says if we aren’t willing to forgive others then He won’t forgive us. Why? Because at the root of unforgiveness is pride and Jesus honors only the humble in heart. 
Scripture taken from:

Matthew 18:35

Isaiah 57:15


The Word:

•converts the soul

•makes wise the simple

•rejoices the heart

•enlightens the eyes

It benefits us. Get into it and reap the rewards!! 

Scripture taken from:

Psalm 19:7-8

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