The group of disciples followed Jesus after the Last Supper to Gethsemane. At the outskirts of the place he told them to wait on him there, that he needed to pray. 
Then he took with him Peter, James and John into the garden with him. At this point he told the three that he was sorrowful. He asked the three to watch and wait for him. 
Jesus went deeper into the garden. There he met with his Father, God. In his presence he sweat drops of blood and eventually submitted to the plan that would cost him his life.
As I read the scriptures I could feel the intensity and intimacy growing. Here are a couple things I took away from this passage found in Matthew 26:
1) Giving all details of your life and emotions aren’t necessary to being an epistle, or open book for the Lord.–Jesus didn’t let the entire group know that he was sorrowful, only the three chosen to go further along and then in the end, his Father. 
2) Sometimes our most difficult, heart wrenching, laying it all out on the table conversations we have with Jesus are the ones that will bring his kingdom the most glory. Without Jesus’ prayer and submission to God’s plan there wouldn’t be any hope for us in eternity.