Adam and Eve walked through the beautiful garden designed by God.
Everything they could ever need was within the garden. They were just to enjoy what God had blessed them with and fellowship with Him.
But instead they became discontent.
Now it wasn’t enough that they had all of their needs met and a relationship with God. Now they wanted to be as a god themselves.
Does this sound familiar to you? Maybe not so much the wanting to “be as a god” but the never being satisfied?
God has given you salvation through His son, Jesus. He has given you a ministry. He has provided for your physical needs. And He has given you a personal relationship with Him.
So why then is it that we allow ourselves to become discontent with our lives? Why do we search for worldly things to fulfill us?
Discontentment comes when we follow our flesh instead of God’s will.
I encourage you to think on what you do have in The Lord…to focus on Him and to allow Jesus to become your everything.