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March 2016

What Will They See?

Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego were publicly facing the biggest trial of their lives. They stood in the midst of the fiery furnace as onlookers and King Nebuchadnezzar stared in awe.
Instead of seeing three men bound and scorched they were watching four men walk through the fire, loosened and unharmed. 
The fourth man was likened unto the Son of God.
What type of a testimony do you live as you’re going through trials in your life? 
Are you viewed as a person that gets bound by the circumstances and falls apart under pressure? Or can people look at your situation and see Jesus walking right there beside you, strengthened by Him?
Jesus will gladly lead you through the fires of your life. Be willing to seek Him for guidance and support.
Originally posted March 30, 2015

Make a Move 

The band of men and officers came to arrest Jesus. They made known that they were looking for our Lord. Jesus responded “I am he.”

The group of men literally fell over backward at the power of His word. 

I wonder if we have that same type of reaction when the Lord speaks to us. Does His word cause us to move, to be affected, to change? Or do we just stand headstrong and defiant?

Jesus uses His word to grow us, to mold us, to make us more like Him. Don’t stand still. Make a move. 


From the heaven God spoke “I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again.”

The people that heard it immediately wrote it off as something else. Some said it was thunder. Some said it was an angel. 

None were willing to believe that the God of heaven would speak to them.

How often do we put ourselves in that same category? How much more are we willing to deem things coincidental as opposed to the moving of God’s hand in our life? How often do we choose doubt and lies over encouragement and truth?

God is working in your life. He wants you to know Him. He wants you to accept His love for you. 

Bitterness drags you down.

It distorts your spiritual vision. It halts your spiritual growth. 

Quit hanging on to it. Let it go. 

Lift your head. Look to Jesus. Follow after His ways. 

Life from Death

According to Christ’s followers of his day the crucifixion of Jesus seemed to seal the death for them, for all mankind. 
But oddly enough it was in Jesus’ death that eternal life for them, for us was born.
Praise be to Jesus for His perfect sacrifice all of those years ago. 

Where is your closet?

The Garden of Gethsemane most often brings about negative thoughts. It is usually referenced as the place in which our Savior sweat drops of blood because of the anguish He endured…we think of the disciples who failed to stay awake on Christ’s behalf…we remember that it was near there that the Roman guards came to take our Jesus away.
But for all the sadness it brings to us, it was a place of restoration for our Lord. He oftentimes resorted there to regroup, to be refreshed. To Jesus the Garden of Gethsemane was a place of peace and hope.
It was His closet. 
Our Savior had this place set aside for meeting with His Father. He knew that it was beneficial to have a place of retreat. So He encouraged us to find our own closet and get in it.
So I ask you: Where is that place that you know that you can without a doubt meet with Jesus? Where is the place that you have set aside just for Him?
If you haven’t been there for a while, or maybe you’ve never found that special place…I encourage you to follow after Jesus. Do as He did those thousands of years ago and get away, go meet with your Lord. 
Originally posted April 3, 2015

Jesus Will Meet You Where You Are

Jesus had just identified his betrayer, Judas. Moments later the disciples began to argue over who would be counted as the greatest disciple. 

They seemed to pay no attention to Jesus’ words because they were focused on themselves. 

Jesus didn’t get up and leave because of their reaction, or lack thereof. Instead he addressed the strife within them. He taught them of his ways.

In their time of selfishness he was calling them out, offering them an opportunity to walk closer to Him. 

That’s our Lord. He meets us right where we are. He doesn’t ignore us or our failures. Instead he teaches us and reminds us of His love. 

Take Time to Worship

Mary sat at Jesus’ feet anointing him.  

Her moment of stillness, her showing of gratitude, her humble heart was centered on glorifying her Lord. 

She was unaware that her worship was also preparing his body for his burial….a burial that would eventually lead to his resurrection…which will ultimately lead his children to an eternal home spent with him.

Take time to still yourself, to sit in the presence of your Savior and to praise Him. Jesus not only appreciates it, but he’ll use it for the upbuilding of his kingdom.

What I learned

The group of disciples followed Jesus after the Last Supper to Gethsemane. At the outskirts of the place he told them to wait on him there, that he needed to pray. 
Then he took with him Peter, James and John into the garden with him. At this point he told the three that he was sorrowful. He asked the three to watch and wait for him. 
Jesus went deeper into the garden. There he met with his Father, God. In his presence he sweat drops of blood and eventually submitted to the plan that would cost him his life.
As I read the scriptures I could feel the intensity and intimacy growing. Here are a couple things I took away from this passage found in Matthew 26:
1) Giving all details of your life and emotions aren’t necessary to being an epistle, or open book for the Lord.–Jesus didn’t let the entire group know that he was sorrowful, only the three chosen to go further along and then in the end, his Father. 
2) Sometimes our most difficult, heart wrenching, laying it all out on the table conversations we have with Jesus are the ones that will bring his kingdom the most glory. Without Jesus’ prayer and submission to God’s plan there wouldn’t be any hope for us in eternity. 

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