Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others


February 2016

Use Your Gift

…neglect not the gift that was given thee

The work that you’ve been chosen to do for the Lord is to be embraced. It’s to be used. It’s meant to bless you and others. 

Please don’t put it on the back burner. Use it. Be bold. Step out, trusting the living God that gave it to you. 

Matthew 10:8b



Our God is merciful. He doesn’t hold onto his anger. He is forgiving. 

We, as God’s children, take comfort in these attributes. We even rely on them. And God always extends grace. 

We are all about accepting grace. But how are you doing giving grace to others?

Forgive. Be merciful. Let it go. 

Freely you have received. Freely give. 

A Blessed Vision

Have you ever just paused and looked around at all The Lord has done in your life? Have you ever just taken a moment to ask The Lord to give you spiritual vision so that you can see how He has worked?

What a blessing it is to just look, through spiritual eyes, at God’s presence in your life.

Balaam, a prophet of our Lord received that type of spiritual vision as he overlooked the tents of Israel. He was reminded of all that God had done for them. He drew strength from that. And then he was encouraged by all that God would continue to do for them.

Just step back and ask The Lord to open your eyes to the blessings all around you. And then praise Jesus for it.

Originally posted February 26, 2014

James 1:17


Above Standard

Custom was to give the best wine at the beginning of a celebration. As the party went on the quality of wine would diminish. 

So when the ruler of the feast tasted the wine that came towards the end of the celebration he was shocked by the taste-it was better than the first round. 

The ruler of the feast was oblivious as to why the wine tastes so good; Jesus had just performed his first miracle in making it. 

In that first miracle Christ shows us that he doesn’t adhere to the standards or customs of man but that when he blesses he always gives what is best. 

Isn’t it good that you serve a Savior that throws protocol out the window when it comes to blessing you? 

II Thessalonians 3:1


I Am Yours

Paul recognized that the Thessalonians had opened theirselves to the working of the Spirit, to applying the truths of the Word, to being used for God’s glory. So he asked them: Will you pray for us? Will you pray that the Word would have free run over our lives too?

Would you be willing to pray that for yourself? And then would you read your bible not just to gain knowledge but to also allow the Spirit to grow you through it?

The Word is for you to get to know Jesus; for you to learn how to become more like him. It is meant for your benefit and his glory. 

Job 9:20


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