As I think on Jesus I picture Him full of grace, full of light and welcoming to all. I remember what He did for me by unselfishly living His life for me and dying for me as well. 

As Christians we should be portraying this same image to the world. We should approach situations and decisions with loving hearts, willing to extend grace to those in need, all while shining as the light of the world. 

But sometimes we allow the image we show to become flawed. Instead of people seeing Christians as loving, forgiving and caring, they see us turn on each other, accept sin and reject opportunities to show love. 

We begin to show a distorted image when we neglect the fact that we are God’s and not our own. Abundant life isn’t all about how we think it should be done, but it’s about following after the Word and the Spirit of the Lord. 

Next time you feel tempted to give in to selfish desires remember who Christ is to you and that you are responsible for portraying that image to the world.