When my husband and I were trying to buy a home we were certain that we had found “the house”.

Then we encountered our first red flag from the Lord. But we continued to press for it. Another hindrance to the process popped up. But still we kept trying. Finally the Lord shut us off from it in a way that we had no control over. 

He didn’t leave us without an option though. His hand was outstretched wanting to guide us. 

Now we are here. Different house. Different county. Without a doubt this is what the Lord had intended all along. 

Israel faced a similar situation. Their buildings were torn down. “Fine,” they said, “we’ll just use different materials”. The Lord had to intervene to keep the Israelites from continuing against His will. But in all of it His hand was outstretched to them. 

The point is it’s not too late to turn to the Lord, to submit to the plan He has for your life. He is waiting for you to grab hold of His hand and follow Him.