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Using the Word to Encourage Others


January 2016

1 Timothy 4:12


Be An Example

I remember meeting Rebekah Goodwin Lynch. I was in awe of her knowledge of the Word but even more so the way she lived it out. Her representation of Christ at such a young age was something I hadn’t encountered before. She was a living example to those around her, young or old. She was 16 at that time, give or take a year. 

(To this day I consider her one of the strongest Christian women that I know–and I continue to learn from her every time we’re together.)

So when my daughter dressed up today as a 100 year old lady to celebrate the 100th day of school I was reminded of Bekah: the maturity in Christ doesn’t have to match the age of the body. 

Through this little celebration I was reminded again that we don’t have to be a certain age to be considered founded in the Lord. That no matter what our age we can be an example to those around us. And that not only “we can” but we should.

God loves you. He’s calling you to grow closer to him no matter if you just started following him today or eighty years ago. He wants you to be a living example. 

Your Purpose

Have you ever felt like you were part of a monotonous cycle? Like every day was the same thing, just repeated over again and again?

The author of Ecclesiastes seemed to feel that way. The first eleven verses of the book are hard to read. 

And then I noticed why: God wasn’t the focus. The problem was.

We get into ruts when we neglect to focus on Jesus. When we take our eyes off of Him to focus on our problems.

Focus on Jesus for purpose. He’ll fill your life with meaning.

Originally posted January 20, 2015

1 John 3:4


Leaving a Legacy

Your legacy is built in your everyday choices, in how you respond to the day to day. 

People are watching. Are you okay with what they can see? 

John 4:24




 Consistency within a church or a Christian isn’t a bad thing; as long as they are consistently following after God, drawing nearer to Jesus. 
When temptation comes to trade in following after Him just to meet the goals of your flesh, see it for what it is: a ploy to get you off the right track. 

Keep preaching Jesus. Keep loving those put in your path. Continue to reach out to the community around you no matter what the results are. Christ is the one in control. It is Him that you should be looking to please. 

James 4:8


Living a Lie

Seven, single, self-sufficient women asked the same man to marry them just so they wouldn’t be ridiculed by the general public. They wanted his name and nothing else. They had zero intentions of changing their lifestyle. 

Maybe you know somebody that calls themselves a Christian but isn’t living for Jesus. Maybe you are that person?

The seven women would have probably appeased the public with their lie, but the man whose name was to be used would know the truth–it was just a front.

If you’re claiming Jesus as yours I ask you, are you deceptively using Him to make others happy? Or is it because you have asked Him to be your Savior, the Lord of your life?

Jesus wants you to have an intimate, personal relationship with Him. He wants to be more to you than just a name used at your convenience. 

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