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November 2015

Thankful for my mother-in-law


Pam Gandee

My mother-in-law, Pam is often unseen in what she contributes to Leaving a Legacy. Yes, she tells people about the ministry, she gives my book as gifts, she scrapbooks all of the ministry’s events (literally leaving a written legacy). 

But probably her biggest contribution to the ministry is what she does for others when they don’t even have a clue: she keeps a very active toddler entertained during West Virginia conferences. I truly appreciate the fact that I can be at complete peace while I teach because my son is being well-taken care of.

Just by being a wonderful grandma Pam has greatly affected Leaving a Legacy. I am so grateful to know that I can count on her to be there for me, for the ministry, whenever I need her.  

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Psalm 117:1


The Mundane

As Christians we reference the spiritual valleys and mountains in our life. Times when we are faced with turmoil or pain and times when we experience great happiness and success. 

But what about the “plains”? The time when you aren’t going through anything seemingly terrible or great? The just “blah” seasons of life?

The children of Israel were camped outside the city of Jericho–in the plains. Here’s what they did: they separated themselves by reinstating circumcision, they worshipped by keeping the feast of the Passover and they ate produce from the land.  

If you find yourself dealing with the mundane I encourage you to continue to make Godly decisions that separate yourself from the world, to wholeheartedly worship God and to feast on the Word. 

Following after the Israelites lead will prepare you for the battle that you may be facing and make you ready to praise God in the victory coming your way.

Thankful for my aunt

Nancy Garnes

You know how you just want to follow exactly after what the Lord has placed in your life? 

Well when He chose my Aunt Nanc to be a prayer warrior for Leaving a Legacy Ministries I definitely wanted to follow suit. 

I had been preparing for my first conference when she randomly texted to let me know that she was praying for me because the Lord had me heavy on her heart. (Crazy, right? I know that she regularly prays for my family. But the timing of this text…to be part of this working of the Holy Spirit just amazed me! She had no clue I was studying for the lesson. She was just being obedient to Our Lord.)

Since then I have asked her to pray for every conference I’ve been part of. I give her the times I am teaching and I rest assured that she is reaching the throne on my behalf. 

I am so thankful that my Aunt Nanc always makes herself available to go to battle for me on her knees. Her prayers for me and for those affected by this ministry aren’t taken lightly. God Himself chose her to play a vital role in Leaving a Legacy and I am so grateful that she has willingly accepted. 

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Matthew 13:16


Sensitive to the Spirit

Ezekiel had to pack up and move out in the middle of the day. The Lord told him to do this as a sign of destruction that was to come. It was to clue the Israelites in and to catch their attention. 

The Israelites refused to accept the sign from the Lord. They continued to live as they were, convincing themselves that the prophecies were for a later time. They had shut their eyes and closed their ears to the obvious. 

Have you been shutting your eyes and closing your ears to the moving of the Holy Spirit? Ask the Lord to make you sensitive to what He has for you then move in whichever way He would have for you to go. 

Thankful for Evangelistic Outreach

Evangelistic Outreach Ministries
After the Lord placed a study on humility on my heart I began to feel like He was leading me to publish the book.

Evangelistic Outreach Ministries, located in Pedro Ohio is a worldwide outreach ministry that has done so much to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ “into all the world”. 

I am thankful that the Lord allowed our paths to cross as Evangelistic Outreach purchased 1,000 copies of Selfless in a Selfie World and distributed them at no charge to those who received them. 
To be a part of reaching so many people and to be associated with a ministry such as Evangelistic Outreach is truly a blessing. These people literally put the book that the Lord placed on my heart into people’s hands.  

I stand in awe and appreciation of not only what Calvin Ray Evans and Evangelistic Outreach did for Leaving a Legacy Ministries but ultimately how God ordained this series of events for His glory and for His kingdom. 

Numbered Days

I grew up with a saying from my mom that stuck with me: “live each day like it’s your last”. She’d encourage us to live as though the Lord was coming back that very day. Her point was for us to make good, Christ-like decisions on a daily basis. 

As I was reading this morning in Psalm the scripture says: number your days so that you may be wise. (What a blessing for me to be raised rooted in the Word!)

Let’s do that today. Witness. Abstain from evil. Glorify God. We aren’t here for long. 

Thankful for my friendĀ 

Darlene Wring
Part of Leaving a Legacy Ministries includes me speaking at women’s conferences. I didn’t have that intention when I began writing daily devotions. My goal was just to encourage people through the written word.
But apparently the Lord had different plans. šŸ™‚ He used Darlene Wring to move me down that path. She approached me, asking me if I would be willing to speak at a local church. From there it has been a snowball effect.
I love teaching the Scripture in person too. To be an encouragement to others and to see others excited about the Word makes my heart happy. 
I’m thankful Darlene walked out in faith and helped move Leaving a Legacy in a direction that I hadn’t expected. 
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