As Christians we reference the spiritual valleys and mountains in our life. Times when we are faced with turmoil or pain and times when we experience great happiness and success. 

But what about the “plains”? The time when you aren’t going through anything seemingly terrible or great? The just “blah” seasons of life?

The children of Israel were camped outside the city of Jericho–in the plains. Here’s what they did: they separated themselves by reinstating circumcision, they worshipped by keeping the feast of the Passover and they ate produce from the land.  

If you find yourself dealing with the mundane I encourage you to continue to make Godly decisions that separate yourself from the world, to wholeheartedly worship God and to feast on the Word. 

Following after the Israelites lead will prepare you for the battle that you may be facing and make you ready to praise God in the victory coming your way.