Nancy Garnes

You know how you just want to follow exactly after what the Lord has placed in your life? 

Well when He chose my Aunt Nanc to be a prayer warrior for Leaving a Legacy Ministries I definitely wanted to follow suit. 

I had been preparing for my first conference when she randomly texted to let me know that she was praying for me because the Lord had me heavy on her heart. (Crazy, right? I know that she regularly prays for my family. But the timing of this text…to be part of this working of the Holy Spirit just amazed me! She had no clue I was studying for the lesson. She was just being obedient to Our Lord.)

Since then I have asked her to pray for every conference I’ve been part of. I give her the times I am teaching and I rest assured that she is reaching the throne on my behalf. 

I am so thankful that my Aunt Nanc always makes herself available to go to battle for me on her knees. Her prayers for me and for those affected by this ministry aren’t taken lightly. God Himself chose her to play a vital role in Leaving a Legacy and I am so grateful that she has willingly accepted. 

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