Evangelistic Outreach Ministries
After the Lord placed a study on humility on my heart I began to feel like He was leading me to publish the book.

Evangelistic Outreach Ministries, located in Pedro Ohio is a worldwide outreach ministry that has done so much to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ “into all the world”. 

I am thankful that the Lord allowed our paths to cross as Evangelistic Outreach purchased 1,000 copies of Selfless in a Selfie World and distributed them at no charge to those who received them. 
To be a part of reaching so many people and to be associated with a ministry such as Evangelistic Outreach is truly a blessing. These people literally put the book that the Lord placed on my heart into people’s hands.  

I stand in awe and appreciation of not only what Calvin Ray Evans and Evangelistic Outreach did for Leaving a Legacy Ministries but ultimately how God ordained this series of events for His glory and for His kingdom.