Beth Eichelberger

It amazes me how God brings people together!! Beth and I attended our first PTO meeting in hopes of expanding our social circles. She had just moved to the area from North Carolina and I had come here from West Virginia. We realized at this meeting that all of our children are the same ages–our youngest just a day apart. The next week we began weekly playdates that are still going strong two years later. 

Beth is an English major. By the time I found this out I had already committed to writing my book. I was so excited when I saw the pieces starting to fall in place. (Knowing Beth I knew that she would gladly help me out.–even though she and her husband were in the middle of building a house, raising three boys and adjusting to their new way of life–she has a wonderful heart to help others.) God had not only blessed me with another friend to go through life with but one that would directly affect my book. 

As my editor she gave advice that was thought-provoking as well as technical. When it came time for me to submit my copy to the publisher I was confident that it was the best I had to offer in part due to her expertise.

I am so appreciative of Beth’s willingness to help me give my best. My book has become a big part of Leaving a Legacy Ministries and I am so grateful for her input concerning it.