Avis Hayhurst

Barbara Anderson

My grandmothers met when they each had a toddler in the church nursery. My Grandma Avis had a little boy (my dad) and my Grandma Barbara a little girl (my mom). 

(It has always fascinated me that the Lord started my story when my parents were really just babies.)

Just as my grandmothers took part in God’s plan for their children’s lives they are both taking an active part in Leaving a Legacy Ministries as well. 

I know I can count on these women to pray for me, to share with others God’s blessings upon the ministry and to give God glory for all that is taking place. 

Pappaw Harold and Papaw Mutt have both went on to be with Jesus. Not only have they left behind two wonderful women that continue to follow after Christ but they’ve also given us a legacy of faith to follow after. 

I am so grateful for each set of grandparents I have been blessed with and the impact they’ve had on this ministry. 

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