Brother and Sister
Tim and Kayla Hayhurst

My brother’s insight is invaluable to Leaving a Legacy. It is so crucial because he has a knack for picking up on subtleties that I miss. If I’m struggling on making a decision I know to call him for his take on the situation. It’s a huge comfort to know that I can rely on Tim to give me truthful, wise counsel to help the ministry be most effective.

Kayla, his beautiful wife, is a driving force for promoting Leaving a Legacy. She has done everything from sharing my posts on a regular basis to coordinating with venues for my book to be sold. (She has dedicated countless hours to this ministry all while founding #living4himministries When I prayed for a strong, founded Christian girl to marry my brother I hadn’t even given thought that she would be such an influential sister to me—but she is and I am forever grateful for her.)

To know that this couple is on the front lines of this ministry, fighting to see Jesus high and lifted up gives me unspeakable joy and peace. Without them Leaving a Legacy Ministries wouldn’t be what it is today. 

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