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November 2015

Thankful for my husband


Trae Gandee

He is my reality check.

And here is the reality of it all: I am blessed to have a husband “all in” in every way. 

There isn’t any separation between the two of us. We are one. So this Leaving a Legacy may have my face on it–but he is just as much the fiber as I am. 

I wouldn’t try to go at this without Trae. He is the wisest person I’ve ever known. He is my best friend, my leader and the love of my life. I am truly grateful that my vision for the ministry is his, that we’re in this together, and that no matter where the Lord might take Leaving a Legacy we’ll always have each other. 

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Hebrews 12:1


Stand in the Gap


There was the wilderness on one side of the Jordan River and Canaan on the other. The Israelites had no other way to get to their promised land but to cross the river. 

But how were they supposed to get from one side to the other?

Through the help of the priests. They were going to stand in the middle of the river, holding the ark of the covenant, causing the waters to recede, making the way easier for the Israelites to cross. 

Essentially the priests were going to stand in the gap. 

Could you do the same for someone? Maybe it looks like praying for them? Helping them through a tough time? Encouraging them as they pass by?

Let’s be like the priests were. Stand in the gap for your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. 

1 Peter 2:19


Thankful for my children


Sadi, Chloe and Zeke

My three chickadees are my accountability partners. And they don’t even realize it.

I know that they are who I have the greatest opportunity to leave a lasting impression on. I want them to remember their momma as someone who was completely crazy about Jesus. And they’re helping me to pull that off by just waiting on my next move. By being engaged in our discussions on each of my posts. By taking notes at my conferences. By giving me hugs and drawing pictures of me worshipping God. By learning from me with childlike faith.

I have a responsibility to Jesus to teach my own and they are making it a joy and pleasure to serve and to help mold them.

I love Sadi, Chloe and Zeke and I am so grateful that they are holding me accountable by them just being themselves.

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Don’t take it personal

King David sent his men to comfort Hanun, King of Ammon, in the passing of his father. 

In response Hanun ridiculed the servants, made a mockery of them and sent them home.

This wasn’t a reflection of the servants or of King David but a showing of the disrespect from the King of Ammon.

People may not gladly receive what you do for your Lord-don’t take it personal. Keep spreading love, comfort and joy. You’re responsible only for what you do, not how others react. 

Thankful for My Lord

From the time I was a little girl I had a desire in my heart to teach. I’d sit my sister and brother down and make them do handwritten worksheet after worksheet. Teaching, to me, was fun.

As I look back I see that the Lord is the One that impressed a love of teaching upon me. Later, as a teenager, my passion to teach within school systems morphed into an obsession of teaching the Word.

It makes me so grateful to think that Jesus is using His plan for me, as a teacher–through Leaving a Legacy–to help build His kingdom. Not because I am worthy but because He is.

Jesus is my creator, redeemer, and guide. I could never repay Him for all the blessings He has poured upon me, for giving me the desires of my heart—but I’ll gladly die trying.
#feelingthankful #leavingalegacym

Proverbs 14:1


To Help or To Hinder

We have a great responsibility in how we treat ourselves and our family. Through conversation we become either “builders” or “destroyers”.

Be conscience of what you say and how you say it. Because essentially you’re either helping or hindering those around you and also yourself. 

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