He had been hated by his brothers, cast into a pit, sold into slavery, wrongly accused, thrown into jail…..and now?….now we can see how God’s plan came together.

Without the hatred from his brothers they wouldn’t have sold him into slavery.

Had he not been sold into slavery he wouldn’t have been given charge over Potiphar’s things.

Had he not excelled in Potiphar’s house his wife wouldn’t have falsely accused him.

Had Potiphar’s wife not falsely accused him he wouldn’t have been thrown into jail.

Had he not been thrown into jail he wouldn’t have met the Pharaoh’s butler and baker.

Had he not met the butler and baker his gifts of interpreting dreams wouldn’t have been made known to Pharaoh.

Had he not worked for Pharaoh he wouldn’t have been in the position to provide for his family.

Joseph. We know him as a man that had the favor of The Lord. He was full of wisdom, faithful to God, successful in business. He is now a positive role model in any Christian’s life.

The trying times he faced led him to a peaceful way of life full of unimaginable blessings and a resounding legacy.

Are you troubled by what you are having to endure?

Take comfort. God is working it out for your good.