Have you ever judged too dramatically in a situation? Maybe you’ve allowed yourself to exaggerate the circumstances to allow yourself comfort, pity? You criticize and condemn and make yourself believe that nothing can bring you back from what you’ve experienced?

Naomi was the same way when she returned to her home country. People came to greet her and she rejected them. She told them not to call her Naomi. She announced that she had changed her name to Mara, meaning that The Lord had dealt bitterly with her. Yes, her husband and two sons died. No, I’m not even capable of comprehending how she felt. But she judged the situation wrong. She told the people that The Lord was against her…out to get her. She had allowed her grief to balloon into false accusations that she believed to be true, which eventually turned into anger toward God.

Fast forward. Neighborhood women are once again gathering around Naomi. But this time she is rejoicing, answering to her given name. Holding her infant grandson, Obed…part of the lineage of David. 

God never chose for Naomi to change her name to Mara. It was all her doing. He knew that a greater blessing was in her future. He wasn’t being mean or vindictive as she had allowed herself to believe. He was paving the way for a monumental blessing in her life.

When devastating times come your way walk closer to Jesus instead of pushing Him away. Know that He has the best plans for you in mind, even as you’re going through a terrible trial. And then, through His strength, focus only on what you know to be true….don’t allow your mind to wander.