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October 2015

You Reap What You Sow

When your eyes are opened to the life you’re living what do you see?

Can you look around and see evidence of righteousness, mercy and grace?

Or do you look around to only find wickedness, deceit and sin?

Maybe you wonder “How did I get here? What has happened to me?” The answer is: it is what you worked for. The bible teaches that a person reaps what they sow.

If you like what you’re “harvesting” keep “planting the same seeds”. If you are unhappy with your “fruit” it isn’t too late to start “sowing different seeds”.

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Throwback Thursday 

The Philistines took Samson’s sight from him. Samson begged The Lord to allow him to avenge the Philistines for the torture he had endured.

Within minutes Samson would realize that The Lord had given him opportunity to do that very thing. But for his desire to be fulfilled he would have to sacrifice his own life.

Samson brought the building down. In his death he slew more Philistines than he had in his life. Samson’s prayer had been answered.

Sometimes sacrifice is necessary to see our prayers answered.


Be willing to do your part in seeing your dreams realized.
Originally posted October 28, 2014 


Hebrews 12:1


Who is your mentor?

David had just dodged death. His father-in-law, King Saul had just thrown a javelin at him.

David knew he needed to get to a safe place. He went to Samuel: his mentor, guide, the Godly man that he knew. 

Samuel encouraged David. David returned to his home and came up with a plan to move forward. 

Do you have a person that you can call upon for strength and guidance? Someone to help you navigate difficult situations? For David it was Samuel. Who is it for you? It’s best to figure this out now so that you’ll be prepared should you need advice rather than to find yourself in a heated situation taking the advice of anyone willing to give it. If you can’t come up with someone pray that the Lord will send you a person. 

Revelation 22:13


Transcends Time

Moses wrote out the law and read it to the former slaves, the children of Israel. The commandments were pertinent to them.

Joshua copied the same law onto a different set of stones to be read to a people that never knew slavery. Again the law was applicable to them. 

We, facing many different situations, having many different backgrounds, at this time in history, are living by the same law. 

God’s ways, His laws, the gospel transcends all time, all situations. It is just as vital to us as it was to them and it’ll be just as meaningful to the generations to come as it is now. 

Psalm 139:14


Created in His Image

The “old man” was created in the image of God. The “new man” is created in the righteousness and holiness of Him.

So be bold, walk securely, make decisions in remembrance of His love for you. He’s hasn’t built you up just to tear you down. 

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