Four men carried a sick man to meet Jesus. But people had crowded around the doorways blocking all entrances into the house where Jesus was.
The sick man could have told his friends “Thanks for trying. You can take me home now.”
He would have left being able to say “Jesus was really a big deal to those people.”
But instead the sick man didn’t tell them to leave. They stayed and found a way into the house. The man was healed of his sin and disease. 
Now the man could leave the house saying “Let me tell you what Jesus did for me!”
Meeting Jesus changed the man’s life. It gave him a personal testimony. No longer did he have to just hear stories of what Jesus was doing for others. Because now he had become part of a story–Jesus had done for him. 
Coming close to meeting with Jesus is no where near the same as having a personal relationship with Him. 
All Christians have a story to tell, a testimony to share. What’s yours?