Samuel and his servant had been inseparable. They traveled together, encouraged one another, learned from each other and witnessed the hand of the Lord upon their lives. 
Then Saul was told to separate himself from his friend to hear what the Lord had for him. 
During the time of separation Saul was anointed King of Israel and given a new heart. 
Then the two men met back up to continue on their journey. 
What is your reaction when the Lord calls you out? Are you excited to spend time alone with the Lord or would you rather have the security of being part of the crowd?
Relationships with other believers are so good for us. We gain what Saul had with his servant. We are encouraged by one another, learn together and are able to celebrate God’s presence in our lives. 
But don’t forget to have that personal relationship with Christ. Make time to seek Him out when no one else is around. 
Because it’s oftentimes in the moments that we spend alone with God that we are shaped into who He would have us be.