Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others


September 2015



WV WMI Conference prep

Preparing for next weekend’s conference. Looking forward to meeting the ladies of the WV WMI. I’d appreciate your prayers!!

Performance Based Trap

Baruch read from the scroll “Hear this word. Repent of the wickedness you are living in and God will forgive you. If you don’t this land will be destroyed.”

The king that was listening to the prophecy took the scroll and threw it in the fire. 

Which person do you think God was displeased with? The man who relayed the warning or the king that rejected it?

It’s obvious to us that the king is the one at fault here. But when we find ourselves in a similar situation in which our works or the call to repentance isn’t accepted we are often tempted to think that we must have done something wrong. It isn’t true. People are given a choice to how they will respond. We aren’t held accountable for their decision. We will only be judged based on the intent of our heart. 

Continue to be obedient even when the results aren’t what you had hoped for.



Rags to Riches

Isaiah told the people “see these places of desolation–you’ll build it again through God’s power. These cities that you have written off–God is going to make them great.”

Instead of cities think about an area of your life that you’ve given up on–an area that you think no good could ever come of…

Relationships can be restored. Careers will prosper. Hold on. Follow after Jesus. He can turn rags to riches. 




Our relationships, our ministries, nothing of God will work if we are making decisions in the flesh.

We’ll be blessed when we live in denial of the flesh and according to the Word.





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