My cousin and I used to hang off the monkey bars thinking we were speeding up the growth process. 
Our arms would hurt afterwards but we never grew an inch due to our stretching efforts.
We did eat, drink and take care of our bodies though. God blessed us with the results we were after. We eventually grew into the adult version of ourselves. 
When we grasp ahold of the vision God gives us for our lives we may think that we have to come up with an inventive way to make it a reality. (Hanging off monkey bars.)
But God is the one to give the increase. All of our efforts are time wasted if we are trying to do it on our own. (Arms hurt, but no growth.)
The formula to reach the vision is simple to understand: Keep studying the word (eating). Keep thirsting after the Living Water (drinking). Walk closely with your God (take care of yourself). 
God will bless you with the vision He has laid on your heart in due time.