Moses held up his arm and the waters of the Red Sea divided. 
People walked on dry ground unharmed by their enemies.
How easy it would have been for people to worship Moses. How easy it would have been for the Israelites to give Moses a place in their history as a miracle worker. 
But they didn’t. Instead we read in the book of Isaiah about how the people gave God the glory for the miracles wrought through Moses. 
How is that possible??? It’s because before the sea was divided Moses gave God the glory. Then directly after they crossed the sea again Moses gave God the glory. 
He had left no doubts in their minds of who was doing the miracles.
Are you giving God glory? Will people be able to look to you and know that you’re blessings come from God. Have you identified yourself as a child of His?
The Lord has done and will do great things in your life. Make an effort to let others know that He is the one worthy of praise.