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Using the Word to Encourage Others


August 2015

Willingness and Wisdom

 Moses wanted to see the tabernacle built. 

He knew that he would need willingness and wisdom for it to become reality.
He needed for the people that had the supplies to willingly give of them.
He needed for the people that had the talent to build to use their wisdom to see the project completed.
He knew without one he couldn’t have the other. The tabernacle would never be completed.
Today we look to build up a different type of tabernacle. We look to win people over to Jesus, converting them into temples of the Holy Spirit. 
Just as there was diversity within the Israelite people there are many differing roles within the church: Preachers, teachers, prayer warriors, builders, visionaries, encouragers, givers, etc.
To be successful in building the kingdom of God two things are still required of his people: willingness to submit and wisdom to grow. 

Reaching the Vision

My cousin and I used to hang off the monkey bars thinking we were speeding up the growth process. 
Our arms would hurt afterwards but we never grew an inch due to our stretching efforts.
We did eat, drink and take care of our bodies though. God blessed us with the results we were after. We eventually grew into the adult version of ourselves. 
When we grasp ahold of the vision God gives us for our lives we may think that we have to come up with an inventive way to make it a reality. (Hanging off monkey bars.)
But God is the one to give the increase. All of our efforts are time wasted if we are trying to do it on our own. (Arms hurt, but no growth.)
The formula to reach the vision is simple to understand: Keep studying the word (eating). Keep thirsting after the Living Water (drinking). Walk closely with your God (take care of yourself). 
God will bless you with the vision He has laid on your heart in due time. 

Perspective Changer

I remember being in elementary school the first time I heard the parable of the laborers. I looked at my aunt while the sermon was still being preached and whispered “I get why those early morning workers were mad. I’d be mad too.”
She said “Well Codi Brown!” She went on to explain what Jesus was teaching. “…You should always be happy for the people that decide to follow Jesus.”
That’s the difference between judging things spiritually and judging in the flesh.
In the flesh Christ’s teachings are foolishness. But once we’ve accepted Him as our Saviour they become words of life.
I’m so thankful for my aunt’s wisdom. But mostly I’m overjoyed that I can look and see where Jesus has made a change in me.
My perspective has changed.
Has yours?

Women’s Conference 

 All ladies are invited to attend: 


When Paul shared the Gospel with Crispus, the chief ruler, he was converted. Many Corinthians also accepted the salvation of the Lord and were baptized after Paul proclaimed Jesus to them.
Then the Lord tells Paul not to be afraid, to keep speaking, to keep sharing the gospel.
Paul was in need of encouragement even as he was reaping the harvest for the Lord! 
How often do we think that only the weak brethren need encouraged? How often do we only say a kind word or give a smile to people that are going through a tough time?
Jesus teaches us to encourage one another. Weak or strong. Bold or timid. Public platform or not. Jesus didn’t put stipulations on who needs encouragement. Neither should we.


Isaiah stood before the Lord feeling ashamed, unworthy and embarrassed.
Then within moments he was boldly declaring to the Lord “here am I; send me”.
Isaiah didn’t give himself a great pep talk that brought on the change. Instead the change came about when he was cleansed of his iniquity-when his sin was purged. 
What an illustration for us.
When we walk in darkness we aren’t capable of doing kingdom work. We aren’t qualified. Our feelings of unworthiness are valid. 
But when we accept the blood of Jesus as an atonement for our sin we’re immediately transformed. Christ makes us worthy. His blood qualifies us instantly. 
So Christian, put away the feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness and doubt. Just come to the Lord saying “here am I; send me.” and then follow where He leads. 

Joy in the Journey

John the Baptist spent years in the wilderness before he began baptizing people. 

It was until his last period of life that we can see the return on his investment, the fruit of his labor. 

Keep after the vision God has given you. Take joy in doing the prep work. It’s making the way for a great reward.  

Follow Jesus

The first piece of information that Paul writes to the Galatians is “I’m an apostle of Jesus Christ and God the Father-who raised Jesus from the dead, not of men neither by man.”
Are you that confident in your works for the Lord? Can you say “I’m doing this to glorify Jesus, my savior, not myself”?
All areas of our life, our day to day even, should be able to be traced back to “I’m doing this to honor the Lord”. If what you’re doing isn’t rooted in following after Jesus then you need to make some changes. 
Pray for wisdom and boldness to be obedient so that you can, without a doubt say “I’m following after Jesus and no one else”.

keep walking 

The heckler walked alongside King David and his men. He threw stones at him. He cursed him. He made false accusations against him.
But David didn’t focus on the heckler. He didn’t even respond to the man. He wouldn’t allow his men to retaliate either.
Instead King David kept his focus on God. He trusted that God was aware of what was going on and that He would turn this evil into good.
If you’re going through a period of hurt, frustration or bitterness don’t allow your flesh to get the best of you. Keep your focus on Jesus and being part of His plan. He’ll work all things to your good.

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