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Using the Word to Encourage Others


June 2015

no compromise 


An old man hosted a couple as they traveled home.
The enemy came knocking on the old man’s door. They were looking for the traveling man.
The old man made a compromise and gave them the two women in the house instead.
One of the women turned up dead.
Tribe fought against tribe. Thousands upon thousands were killed because of the murder of one.
All because the old man figured it’d be okay to try and suffice the enemy.
Don’t be deceived.
It’s never okay to try to appease the devil. He will take what you give him and destroy everything he can.
Continue to give Jesus complete ownership of all areas in your life.
There isn’t any room for compromise.

gifts vs The Giver of Gifts


Rejoicing over the power to cast out demons but not over the fact that your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life is similar to…
•Giving counsel to someone without praying for God’s wisdom 
•Teaching others the Word without seeking the knowledge of Jesus
•Leading worship without the guidance of the Spirit
…If you’re making a bigger to-do over the gift than you are The Giver of Gifts you need to reprioritize. 

rags to riches


God chose you knowing the struggles you have, fully aware of the battles you face.
And still yet He promises to strengthen you, to guide you, to help you.
Allow Him to turn your rags into His riches. 



The Lord chose Amos, a man that had a background in fruit picking and herding animals to become a prophet. 
He had zero experience. Not even a mentor.
But he was the one that God wanted for the job. That was the only qualification needed.
Amos accepted the calling. He was blessed.
The possibilities are endless when a person is willing to surrender themselves to the Lord. 

on your mind

Jesus, speaking to His Heavenly Father, said “I have glorified thee on earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.”
Could you say similar words? Are you satisfied with how you are handling the calling Christ has put on your life? Are you glorifying Jesus?
At the forefront of Jesus mind was to live a life pleasing to His Father. What’s at the forefront of yours?

embrace your uniqueness 


Jesus had made breakfast for his seven disciples that had been fishing all night. When they saw Jesus sitting on the shore all of them wanted to get to him. One of the disciples jumped into the water and swam to shore. The other six came to Jesus in the boat. These were different ways to show Jesus their love for him. But he rewarded all of them with the same breakfast.
Maybe you’re a methodical, organized, play it safe type of person. You could be a throw caution to the wind, I’ll figure it out when I get there, never do it the same way twice kind of guy. Either way Jesus created you. He loves you.
Don’t compare yourself to other Christians. Just keep loving Him the way you do.



Noah built the ark because he judged God faithful. 

Sarah put forth the effort to conceive because she judged God faithful. 

Joshua led the people around Jericho because he judged God faithful. 

…maybe these people had some doubts but when the time came to make a choice they chose to go through with the plan, to trust Jesus and His promises, because they knew God would be faithful. 

How do you judge God’s faithfulness?

Look at how you handle the callings He puts on your life. Therein lies the answer.

All for Him


“David they shouldn’t get some of the spoil we recovered. We were the ones who fought for it. All they did was hang back and watch our stuff.”

David looked at the haughty soldiers and said “it doesn’t matter that you fought and they watched the stuff. God was the one that gave the victory. Each of us shall be blessed equally.”

Be cautious that you don’t get to a point in which you feel that you deserve more blessings because you perceive your job as more important than someone else’s. 

Our glorying should be in Christ and His grace, not in ourselves and our own works.

Anchor of Hope


Where have you anchored your hope?

Are you trusting in your own perception or are you trusting in the Word?

Wait on the Lord. For with God nothing shall be impossible. 

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