So Z Dilly and I were playing a little bit of baseball this morning.
After hitting it twice in a row he said “I’m a good baseball player.”
Immediately scripture came to my mind “let a stranger praise thee”. 
I thought ‘oh no. He’s having so much fun. And I have been saying it…maybe he’s just repeating me. He’s too young for this lesson right now.’
Immediately I felt loving conviction: is anyone too young to be taught my ways?
Answer: No. The Word can be hidden in even a toddler’s heart. The Word only helps to grow a person to be more Christlike. It never harms them. 
“I’m a good baseball player mom!” He said it again. 
“Buddy, instead of saying ‘I’m so good!’ how about ‘look how Jesus helps me!'” I said. 
“Jesus helps me!” he said with a smile on his face. He wasn’t upset at all. 
Now that the moment has passed I look back and am so grateful for the conviction of the Spirit. For that verse in Proverbs. 
Because at age 3 my little guy is learning that all good gifts come from Jesus and that He is the one that deserves praise.