The disciples stood in shock and awe. In utter disbelief really. “Is this a spirit?” was the prevailing thought among them.
You can imagine the their fear. Jesus had just appeared to them after His resurrection.
His response to their reaction: “Do you guys have anything to eat?”
Now it’s funny to imagine that Christ just had a snack with a grin on His face and waited for reality to sink in to the disciples. 
Then it dawned on them. “It’s really Jesus in the flesh. He’s alive and well!” These statements were made after he ate the fish and honeycomb. 
Which makes a person wonder…was he really eating only to pass the time?
No, of course not. 
In this case He was eating to show that He was human, raised back to life, that He wasn’t just a random spirit to be afraid of. 
Jesus never does things frivolously. Everything He does serves a purpose. He doesn’t just wait around. 
He isn’t just sitting by idle watching your life pass you by. What you’re going through, good or bad, will be used to bring Him glory and to draw you closer to Him.
Take comfort in the fact that Jesus is always at work. Even within your life.