Leaving a Legacy Ministries with Codi Gandee

Using the Word to Encourage Others


May 2015

Stand in Awe


The wise men fell to the ground and worshipped their King, Jesus. 

Not because He had proclaimed great blessings on their life…or because He had just delivered them out of a stressful situation…or even healed them of physical ailments or financial ruin. 
They praised Him just because of who He was: King.
It is so good for our relationship with Christ when we worship Him for who He is not just for what He has done.
It gives us perspective of the awesome God we serve. 

support system


Lord, surround me with people that serve you. Put me in relationships that will be strengthening and encouraging to my walk with you. I want to bring you glory.

Paul must’ve prayed a prayer similar to that. Here is why I think that:

He had been stoned and then dragged out of the city and left for dead. But he survived. And when he woke up the first faces he saw were the faces of his friends, his fellow disciples. They were there with him, surrounding him, standing by his side.

Clearly The Lord had provided a support system for Paul. 

Who comes to your side in your times of need? Do you have strong in the faith, founded Christian friends? Are you putting forth effort to surround yourself with Godly people?

God will provide us a network of people that we can glorify Him with. Our prayer needs to be that our eyes will be opened to the people that God puts in our life. And that we would be willing to invest our time and ourselves in relationships that will bring glory to Him.

A Different Approach


Always before I’d hear “the golden rule” and think “if you don’t want to be treated badly –don’t treat others badly.”

But then the Lord opened my eyes to a different take on the same scripture: “if you want someone to be nice to you –be nice to them.”
We’re here to intentionally spread love, not to just try to hinder evil.
In an effort to avoid conflict have you neglected to show the love of Christ?
If so I encourage you to reevaluate the situation. Handle your approach differently. Then watch God bless. 

graduation gift


This study gives the graduate applicable ways to build a life founded on Jesus…and a life built upon Christ has blessings eternal.

Help your graduate to get off on the right foot or continue down the path God has for them.

Bless with them with this 16 lesson study guide based on what the Word teaches about humility.

The Word is Good


After a “bit” of coaxing my 2 year old shared his truck with his sister! Yay! (Miracles still happen. 😉)

He was so happy, smiling from ear to ear. I said “That makes you so happy, huh?!? Jesus tells us we will be happy if we share. The Bible says it’s better to give than to receive.”

He was ecstatic! And I was so happy to watch the promises of the Lord unfold on him. 

Often times we go to the Word when we are down or worried, anxious or scared. We seek out what it has to say—rightfully so.

But I want to challenge you to go to the Word when you’re feeling grateful, blessed or confident in Him–look to Jesus–the one from which all blessings flow. 

time’s ticking 


Governor Felix turned away Paul and the invitation to be saved because it wasn’t a “convenient season” for him. 

Essentially he chose to ignore Christ because it didn’t work into his plan at the moment. …sounds outlandish.

But how often do our actions mirror Felix’s?

Have you been putting off a calling the Lord has given you? A project? A phone call? Have you been ignoring Jesus all because you just don’t have time? 

Make time. The Lord of Heaven and Earth wants to use you for the upbuilding of His kingdom. Please don’t delay.  

Because life is but a vapor.

Paid in Full


This morning my chickadees and I stopped at Cracker Barrel to have breakfast. As we were finishing up the waitress said “somebody has taken care of your bill”.

I was so happy that someone would be so kind to bless my kids and myself! But then I was ecstatic because of the simple thought that directly followed her statement: paid in full.

Because I wasn’t thinking of the food in front of me. I was thinking of Jesus taking care of the debt I owed by giving Himself as the perfect spotless sacrifice for my sin. 

I stand completely free of any charges against me because of the power of His blood. He looked at me —and you—and saw the need for a Savior, so He provided. 

I am so grateful for His grace and mercy…and for the little extra showing of love: pancakes and eggs. 

Tell It To Him


Hezekiah received the news that his time on earth was coming to an end. He went to The Lord in prayer. He cried out to Him. He told The Lord exactly what was in his heart.

The Lord heard Hezekiah’s prayers. He saw Hezekiah’s tears. The Lord blessed him with another fifteen years of life.

How often do you pray for yourself?

Christians are all the time taking prayers requests of others before The Lord. They can be found praying for another person’s walk with Jesus. Or for The Lord to bestow blessings on a friend or family member.

But how often are you pouring your heart out to God on your behalf?

Hezekiah could have turned to Isaiah, the prophet and messenger of the bad news, and asked him to pray. He could have just left it in his hands. 

But he didn’t.

Hezekiah knew that only he could convey to The Lord how he was truly feeling. He knew that The Lord alone could understand the tears he was crying. The passion he felt couldn’t be duplicated by another person. He needed to take it before his God himself.

Jesus loves to hear from you whenever you pray, regardless of the subject matter. But don’t miss out on the reason He died on the cross, the reason the veil was ripped in two. It was to have a personal relationship with you. 

Jesus is there for you wanting to hear your thoughts, fears, praises. He wants you to tell Him all about you and your life. 

Don’t neglect yourself in your prayer life. You know your situation, needs, desires, emotions better than anybody else. 

Take it to Jesus. Tell Him all about it.

Keep Engaged


 Sometimes I feel like I just don’t get what The Lord is trying to teach me.

It’s discouraging and I feel like if I don’t figure it out quick enough then The Lord will just throw up His hands in frustration and move on.

So I was very encouraged while studying my bible this morning. Because even though I knew God doesn’t just dismiss His children in frustration He gave me an example. 


Three times Jesus asked Peter “Peter do you love me?”. 

Three times Jesus had to say to Peter “feed my sheep.”

Jesus also gave Peter a vision concerning what once was unclean meat. 

Three times God had to tell Peter that it was now okay to eat what was once unclean.

Three times.

The Lord kept speaking to Peter until he got it. 

Peter just stayed engaged. He kept communicating with The Lord until it finally dawned on him what was being said.

Our God. The creator of each and every human that has ever walked His beautiful earth cares enough about us to patiently teach us. He doesn’t give up on us.

Don’t give up on Him. Be still and know that He is God.

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