My four year old reeled in her line. The hook was empty. No fish. No bait. 

“That fish got a free dinner.” she said. And she was happy with that result.

She could have quit. Given up. Become discouraged because she didn’t catch a fish. But she didn’t. She was happy that at least the fish benefited from her efforts. 

Isn’t that the way it should be? Spiritually speaking?

Shouldn’t we be happy to have shared the Gospel, even if the person didn’t come to the Lord? 

Sometimes we can fall into discouragement when we don’t get the results we are after. We feel like we’ve failed. 

But we shouldn’t feel that way because we’ve just shared Jesus. We’ve “sowed a seed”. We’ve won a battle.

So be faithful to “cast a line”. The Lord will bless–even if you never know the results.