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April 2015

Against Common Sense


“Row! Row!” the crew members shouted at one another. “Row harder!!”

“Just throw me in! The storm will stop! Just throw me in! I’m running from the Lord! Just throw me in and it will stop!” Jonah was sure that he was the reason for the storm; that he was the reason they couldn’t reach land. 

The crew members were convinced that they were going to throw him to his death.

They threw Jonah overboard. Then the storm ceased. 

The pagan men began worshipping the Lord, in awe of His power over nature.

And Jonah didn’t perish. The Lord had prepared a great fish to swallow Jonah. He had a life preserver waiting.

So let’s look at this from the crew members perspective. 

1) They saw a problem: Jonah’s presence on their ship

2)They came up with a plan: row to land and drop off Jonah.

3)They went against what they wanted to do and gave up: they threw Jonah overboard. 

4)God moved in their life and Jonah’s like never before: they became followers of the one True God and Jonah submitted to God’s calling in the belly of the fish.

It’s hard not to follow our common sense. But the Lord’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts. If you are being led to go in a seemingly outlandish direction—go with it, no matter how doubtful you are about the outcome.

The Lord will bless in ways that you would never expect.



Zacchaeus was small in stature. He wouldn’t be able to see Jesus above the crowd. So the Lord provided him a tree to climb. Now he was able to look upon the Lord, to talk with him, to become converted as a follower of Christ.

We all had something to overcome before we came to Christ: sin. But Jesus provided for us too. He shed His perfect blood for us. Now we are able to see Him, converse with Him, become one of His children. 
God always provides what is needed for people to become one of His. 
As you move forward in your walk with Jesus continue to look to Him to supply your every need. 

freedom granted


Joshua stood before The Lord awaiting the sentence. He had just been put on trial, prosecuted by Satan himself. As he anxiously awaits the verdict he knows it doesn’t look good. The arguments made against him were valid. He had made many mistakes in the past. 

His head dropped as he realized that his future hung in the balance and that his end was coming up short. 

Satan was silenced as the Judge spoke, “This man will not be tried based on who he once was.” 

The sentence was given: freedom to move forward. 

Joshua’s head jerked up as he stared at the Judge.

“Joshua has been forgiven of all his past sin. I no longer hold him accountable. He has been awarded a fresh start.”

Satan stood beside Joshua defeated. 

Joshua stood before The Lord sinless, without fault.

And in this we see a picture of ourselves.

Christian, remember that when Satan stands beside you, buffeting you, that Jesus is standing before you, calling you to freedom. He no longer holds you accountable for past sin. Don’t allow the Naysayer deter you from living a life of victory. 

Reach out to Jesus instead of falling into step with the enemy.

trust issues


 The time had come for the Jewish people to make a decision: were they going to trust the opinion of the men in charge or were they going to place their trust in Jesus?

They decided to go with man’s opinion and crucify the Savior. 

Their trust had been misplaced and in turn they were led the wrong way.

Forsaking Christ to follow after man’s opinion never ends well. 

Trust in Jesus.

God’s Timetable


God told the children of Israel that they couldn’t enter Canaan until the oldest generations had passed away.

So why didn’t they just kill those folks to get there faster? Wouldn’t that have worked?

I’m sure you are thinking “no!!”; rightly so. 

The Children knew that if they killed the people they would be going against God’s law “thou shalt not kill”.

They wouldn’t be rewarded for wrongdoing. It wouldn’t have helped out. It would have made it worse. 

Put that on a small scale. 

How often do we take matters into our own hands even when it goes directly against God’s will? What do we wrongfully compromise to get an intended end result?

It won’t work in your favor. 

Follow God’s guiding throughout the entire journey. His will, and timetable, are always perfect. 



Silas, Timothy and Paul were led of the Spirit to preach Jesus to the Jews in Corinth. 

The message wasn’t well received and neither were they.

But that didn’t stop them. They didn’t quit preaching Jesus. Discouragement didn’t keep them from moving forward in their calling to spread the gospel. 

They just dusted themselves off and kept on working. 

They could do this because they knew what they would be held accountable for: spreading the Gospel, not how people reacted. 

You may not be getting the results you have anticipated or hoped for. But as long as you are being led by the Spirit rest assured you are doing good and right and your work will stand the fire. 

An Army Rising Up


Occasionally the Lord had is people use a visual to get his point across. So this evening I’m leaving you with one.

This is my seven year old daughter. She came up to me while I was studying the Word, pulled out her study guide and got to work seeking the Lord.
Be encouraged. There’s an army rising up.

don’t give up


The man stood in solitude.

A familiar noise filled the air. He looked to find the source of it. On the horizon he saw an army of people coming toward him. 

In disgust he turned his back on them and walked away.

These were the people that had wronged him. They were the ones that had made him feel unimportant, useless, unintelligent and unloved.

“Why would they be coming at me again?” he wondered. “I want nothing to do with them.”

A hush fell over the crowd that was pursuing him. He turned to look.

The Captain appeared from within their midst. He was walking toward him.

Immediately the man recognized Him.

“I’m coming to you in love, on their behalf, for your good. They’ve repented for the way they’ve treated you. They’re sorry for the way they’ve made you feel. They are seeking you’re forgiveness.” 

The man stood speechless. It had been years since he had been wronged. For years he had been ignoring their plea of repentance. He had never even given it consideration.

Until now.

Now, as the captain spoke, something within him gave way. The man felt the bars he had put up begin to crumble. Finally the bitterness began to subside. Relief started to trickle over him as forgiveness filled his heart.

He was tired of denying these people. Tired of refusing the plea from their captain. Sick of the burden that had taken an ugly toll on his life.

He could stand it no longer.

The man fell into step with The Captain and went to meet the army in love.

Reconciliation had been won. Both sides were declared victorious.

And so goes the battle for an offended brother. 

The bible teaches that an offended brother is harder to be won than a strong city.

But upsets happen all the time.

Keep praying. Keep consulting The Captain, our Lord, on their behalf. Ask others to join you in the fight for their soul. And let Jesus lead the battle.

eat up


Thou preparest a table for me in the presence of mine enemies… Psalm 23:5
Perhaps you wouldn’t choose to have a meal at this time. But even when life is hard, even when you are being battled Jesus is still wanting to feed us, to grow us, to encourage us to rest in Him.
Be sure to feast on the Word when you are dealing with life. It’ll strengthen you, giving you energy to go on. 

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