All Elijah wanted was a little water and a morsel of bread. That’s all he asked of the woman. No big deal….except for they were living in the midst of a three year drought and the woman had just enough flour and oil to make a meal for her and her son.

Maybe she could eat sparingly and then pass on the leftovers…surely that would be acceptable.

But it wasn’t. Elijah wanted the first serving. That’s specifically what he had asked for.

At first glance you’re probably thinking “really Elijah? This is her and her son’s last meal…”

But in reality Elijah was opening up the door for her and her son to be blessed. And by specifically asking for the first portion of the meal he was closing the door to a greater temptation to deny him. He also gave her a guarantee: If the woman did as he had asked she and her son wouldn’t have to go hungry during the drought another day.

The woman gave Elijah the first serving and was blessed just as Elijah had said.

This is a picture of our relationship with Jesus.

Put yourself in the role of the widowed woman and allow God to take the part of Elijah. The son could represent the cares of this world.

God comes to you seeking the best, the first portion of your life. In return you’ll receive blessings. You are then met with a choice: do you deny yourself and give to Him or do you take care of your needs first and give God what is leftover?

What do you choose to do when your confronted with this decision? I encourage you to be like the widowed woman: choose to give God your best. He’ll bless you for it.