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Using the Word to Encourage Others


February 2015

Eternal Forecast


As a historical storm was forecasted to pass through our area people began to prepare.

News stations showed pictures of bread aisles at local grocery stores being wiped out.

The picture resonated with me.

What if people sought after the Bread of Life when storms came their way? Or even when life was going splendidly? What if people were prepared to meet the Lord?

It’s our job, as Christ’s followers to make them aware.

Share the eternal forecast:
One day you will come face to face with the Creator. Be prepared by having the Bread of Life, Jesus, as your advocate.

My Book is on Amazon!!

My book is in stock on Amazon! I ask that you would pray about how the Lord could use it in your life, your church.

I have had people to tell me that they are using it in women’s study groups, as Sunday School material for college age people, as Youth Group curriculum and even as a study for married couples.

See how the Lord would have you to use it!


Sacrificial Love


Sacrificial love:

It puts others’ needs first.

It’s a love that you can see.

It’s a love more than just emotion. It’s an action.

Jesus, leaving heaven to come to earth as a baby, giving his life for you, is the ultimate example of the sacrificial love.

Show your love for him. Sacrifice your fleshly desires to live a righteous life that glorifies Jesus.

If there’s a will…


Bulrushes, slime and pitch.

Those aren’t the components that you would likely think are needed to make a life saving device.

But those are the exact things that were available to Moses’ mother so that’s what she used to make the ark that Moses’ floated in.

Sometimes we get bogged down thinking “if only I had this then I would be better off”.

Look around. Because if God has called you to do it then He’s provided you with the necessary resources you need to be successful.

You may have to get creative like Moses’ momma did and you’ll definitely have to trust that Jesus can bless it. But by having the desire to succeed, the willingness to work for it and faith in God you will be successful.

So stop wishful thinking, take what The Lord has given you and get to work.

Reason to Work


Knowing that your work has purpose makes it easier to do.

Jesus wants us to be with him always.

So he has gone to prepare a place for us to do that very thing.

—He knew there was a reason to work so he did.—

You have reason to work for the Lord: to glorify him and to see souls saved.

Your work is affecting a heavenly kingdom.

Keep at it.

Great Results


Are you in need of encouragement?

If so, ask God for it.

It sounds blatantly obvious, but I missed seeing it for the longest time.

Jesus said “ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full”. Basically: ask me to encourage you and I will.

Try it out. I did and the results blew me away.



Spread Love


Christians seem to focus a lot on abstaining from sin to be a good witness to the world…rightfully so.

I want to encourage you to add to that. Put forth effort to show Jesus’ love: be patient, joyful, gentle, faithful, loving, etc.

We are to “practice what we preach”. If you are “preaching” Jesus, Love, then you should be spreading it.

A Living Example

Isaiah says for us to “cast up the highway; gather out the stones”.

Cast up the highway? Or modern day terms: “take the high road”.—-choose carefully how you react to situations, how you represent your God.

Gather out the stones? —-if you see something that has the potential of harming a person, physically or spiritually, get it out of the way. Look out for others.

We aren’t living this life just for ourselves. We are here to glorify Jesus. We can do that by showing His love to others.

Live a life that can be followed after.

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