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Using the Word to Encourage Others


February 2015

Time of Refreshing 

After ten days of being snowed in with three sick people I was ready for a break. I needed refreshing.

I told my husband “I need to get out. I just need to go do something.”
He, of course, was very supportive. 
So I headed to town. And my much desired trip went down the drain. Lines were long, stores were closed and to beat all my sandwich fell apart! I was even more frustrated than I was when I had left. 
On the ride home I focused myself completely on the Word. It was just me and Jesus. 
Immediately the day turned around. The refreshing I needed washed over me. God had provided. 
Not in the way I had anticipated…but so much better.
Amidst the chaotic or routine we can always find refreshing when we purposefully put ourselves in the presence of God. We need only to do it. 

For Everyone

Children swarmed around Jesus. They had been brought to Him just to receive His touch.

The disciples rebuked them. 

Apparently they thought that the children weren’t capable of appreciating Jesus…maybe they thought that Jesus’ time could be better spent elsewhere…or perhaps they just didn’t like the thought of being recognized as followers of Jesus alongside a group of children.

Have you become as one of those disciples?

Do you catch yourself trying to decide who would be a good follower of Christ? Do you have the tendency to try to “screen” someone before you determine if they’re worth your time or prayers? Have you ever stopped yourself from sharing the Gospel because you didn’t want to risk being seen with that type of person?

Let me remind you that it isn’t your duty to determine who is fit for the kingdom of Heaven. It’s only your responsibility to share the Gospel, regardless of your opinion. 

Share Jesus without discretion because He died for everyone.

Promise Keeper

“Isaiah, you mark my words. Before that baby is able to say ‘momma’ or ‘daddy’ Samaria and Damascus will be poor.” 
So Isaiah recorded the prophecy, just as God had told him to do.
What was the purpose of that? Was it so that God would have something to jog His memory?
Of course not.
It was for the benefit of Isaiah, the Israelite people and anyone else that wanted to know. 
The record was concrete evidence for them to look back on and learn that God always makes good on His promises. 
It was recorded so it could be an aid to their faith.
Promises of God fill the Word. Search them out. Know they are true. Record what the Lord has promised you and then note when it comes to pass. Look back to it when you’re in need of encouragement. 
Because God is always faithful. 

Learn the Tactics

Moses and Aaron sent spies to check out Cannan. 

They sent them so that they could learn how the enemy lived and what their strengths and/or weaknesses were. They didn’t plan on facing the battle unprepared. 

We could learn from them.

Recognize what Satan could use to attack you: lies, jealousy, idleness, pity, fear, etc. If you deal with these know that they aren’t of the Lord. Realize that you are in a battle that needs to be fought and won. 

The best warriors don’t just happen upon a win. They recognize the enemy and devote themselves completely to winning the fight.

Confidence in God


Elijah had an ordained meeting with a widowed woman. He was able to receive a meal from the last of her ingredients and then watched as her supply was replenished again and again. He knew that the blessing was from the Lord, that the meeting, the entire situation was divinely appointed. She, on the other hand was unsure.

Later Elijah returned to that same woman. Her son had fallen ill and died. Elijah prayed over him and the boy was brought back to life. Again, Elijah knew from whom the power came, from whom the blessings flowed.

The resurrection of her son finally caused the woman to believe that Elijah was a man of God.

Thankfully, Elijah was faithful to minister even when the audience had been skeptical.

He could do this because his confidence was rightly placed in God, not in the approval of the woman.

Know that the callings that are placed on your life are from Christ. Then boldly go forth, regardless of feedback of those affected.

Don’t Give Up Hope


Maybe you’ve given up hope. Maybe you’ve already decided that the situation or perhaps even a relationship is too far gone for any amount of restoration.

Nathanael had done that very thing. He had already determined within himself and boldly declared to Philip that nothing good could ever come from Nazareth.

Then Philip introduced him to Jesus, a Nazarene, and his opinion was forever changed.

Good had come from somewhere he had never expected.

Don’t give up hope. Keep trusting in Jesus. He’ll work good in your situation.

Parental Love

Time, attention, and presence. These are the gifts of love that Mordecai displayed as he daily checked in with Esther, his adopted daughter.

He, being fleshly, knew the gifts that would resonate with his daughter.

How much more our Heavenly Father knows to bless us!

Jesus is daily watching over you. He is giving great attention and detail to your life. He is with you always.

What parental love.

Consider the Future


Esau couldn’t stand the hunger pains any longer. He could think of nothing else other than the moment he was living in.

So when Jacob offered him a measly meal in exchange for his birthright Esau jumped at the chance.

He lost sight of his future for a moment of satisfaction.

Weigh out the consequences of your choices. Jesus always provides a way out. Take it.

Long Gone


Elijah prophesied to King Ahab that there wouldn’t be any rain or dew for years. Then he left town to go dwell in the wilderness.

He was out of sight to Ahab but the work of the Lord was still evident.

A drought had come upon the land, just as Elijah had said it would. God’s power couldn’t be disputed in that area.

The Lord may put you in a situation only for a while, or only to speak a few words. Give it your best efforts though because the effects can be felt long after you’re gone.

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