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January 2015

Childish Ways

I stood alone, pouting. I didn’t get the reaction of “Way to go! I’m so proud of you!” when I announced what I thought was a great accomplishment. Apparently making it nearly 12 hours without pouting was supposed to be a given. So here I was back to square one: pouting because I failed to learn the lesson “don’t pout”.

Today I needed a few teachings:

1) Always act upon the wisdom of the “still small voice”.

2) God’s Word never fails.

So when I realized that I had been “schooled” by the Almighty I could’ve reverted back to the eight year old version of myself.

But, by the grace of God, I didn’t.

Today I chose “praise” over “pout”.

Instead of staying in a place of sorrow, pouting, feeling guilty for not remembering the lessons that He had taught me before, I chose to praise God for not giving up on me. I chose to praise Him for being faithful. For investing in me. For loving me in a way that only He can.

I praised Him for still working on me instead of pouting because I still needed some “working on”.


The Israelites could’ve died out in Babylon. They could’ve seen their captivity as the end of them. They could’ve given up all hope.

Instead they chose to listen to their God and grow.

They built houses, they grew gardens, they expanded their families. They made the best of the situation because The Lord told them that this wasn’t their end. He told them to multiply….to become strong because in seventy years they wouldn’t be captive any longer.

God gave them something to work toward.

Sometimes we feel misplaced. But God knows exactly where we are. He can use your situation for good. Look at it as an opportunity for growth. Ask for a vision to get you through the difficult period. Ask God to give you a goal to reach for.

Make the best of every season of life.

Proverbs 29:18

Jeremiah 29:4-14

Let the Son Shine In


As I drove the kids to school this morning I was blinded by the sun. I had sunglasses on. My visor was down. The sun was powerful. My actions were a direct response to it’s presence.

I thought “what is the Lord trying to show me?”

I came home and opened the Scripture to Psalm 31:16: “Make thy face to shine upon thy servant.” That’s what David asked of the Lord.

Why would David pray something like that?

Then the Lord showed me–my every move this morning was made based upon the presence of the sun. What if the presence of the Lord shone that brightly upon me? What if I were so close to the Son that I wouldn’t be able to make a decision without taking Him into consideration?

David was a wise man to seek God’s presence in his life. We should learn from him.

Wiped Away


I have three children under seven. To be consistent in disciplining them I had to make a chart to keep record.

As I wiped away all the “offenses” to prepare for a new day the Lord reminded me of scripture in Lamentations: the mercies of the Lord are new every morning.

Christian, you have been forgiven of sin. Your past offenses are no longer recorded. This is a new day. Enjoy God’s redemption plan.



The woman didn’t fear a snowstorm. She was ready. She had warm clothes for herself and her household.

Understand that there will be “storms” in your life. Prepare for them: wrap yourself in strength and honor by relying solely on Jesus, living according to the Word.

Because more important than the When? What? Why? and Where? of the storm is the Who you’ll be facing it with.

Trusting Jesus takes the fear out of the future.

Pros vs. Cons


People tend to weigh out decisions by making a “Pros & Cons” list. That’s a great idea. It really can be very helpful.

Until you start weighing out whether or not to do what The Lord has laid on your heart.

At that point you should throw the list out the window and take advice from Mary, mother of Jesus: “whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.”

Because the Christian that is obedient has already found the “pro” that outweighs all of the “cons” combined.

Money Problems

Their houses weren’t the best. Their clothes weren’t the greatest. They barely had enough food to eat.

They couldn’t figure it out. The money they were making seemed to be held in a bag with holes. It seemed as if they were always spinning their wheels, never getting ahead.

Then The Lord revealed to them the cause of their problems: unwise financial choices. He pointed out the house of God as it laid in ruins, untouched, uncared for. No one was willing to give to the rebuilding of the temple because they were too concerned with making sure they were taken care of.

Their money wasn’t being invested in the things of God.

Do you feel like you can’t get out of the hole? Or that you have to live just scraping by? If so take a look at where your money is going. If God isn’t on the list put Him there, at the top. Or if you believe that you are investing in the work of The Lord but aren’t seeing a good turnaround check and make sure what you are supporting. Dig a little deeper into the ministry to make sure that it is lifting up Jesus and not just a front to scheme money.

Being blessed financially begins with giving The Lord His portion first.

Haggai 1:2-14

Call on The Father


My children found a deer bedded down outside of our window this morning. When it stood up they realized that it’s foot was hurt.

Immediately I heard, “Mom!! Call Daddy!!! The deer is hurt. He’ll know what to do. Mom, please call Daddy!!!! The deer is hurt!!”

In Psalms the deer is symbolic of the founded Christian. It teaches us to thirst after The Living Water and to be founded in The Lord.

How do you handle the situation when you see “a deer” (another Christian) in need? Do you immediately seek out the wisdom of your “daddy” (Heavenly Father)? Do you realize the urgency of the situation?

Keep seeking Jesus and keep an eye out for your brothers and sisters in Christ.



Have you ever felt like you were part of a monotonous cycle? Like every day was the same thing, just repeated over again and again?

The author of Ecclesiastes seemed to feel that way. The first eleven verses of the book are hard to read.

And then I noticed why: God wasn’t the focus. The problem was.

We get into ruts when we neglect to focus on Jesus. When we take our eyes off of Him to focus on our problems.

Focus on Jesus for purpose. He’ll fill your life with meaning.

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