The Israelites knew their enemy’s plan to ambush them as soon as they set foot outside the city walls.

As a result the Israelites lived in fear.

But then they got wind of the Syrian’s scheme being thwarted.

They left the confinement of the city to abound in the spoil the Syrians had left behind in their haste.

The Israelites had considered Satan’s plan. But what they hadn’t taken into consideration was God’s plan.

How was the Syrians’ plan overthrown?

God had caused the Syrians to hear a great noise, leading them to believe that they were about to be attacked. They scrambled and fled.

Sometimes all we can think about is the scheme of Satan causing us to live in fear. But really we need to be focusing on God’s plan, which always defeats the devil’s.

Don’t allow Satan’s scheme affect your confidence in Christ.

II Kings 7:1-16