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November 2014

Thanksgiving Peace

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I could not believe it! The turkey was supposed to be coming out of the oven in 30 minutes. But I had forgotten to turn the oven on!!

“Well at least it’s thawed” said my sister. (Thank you, ever the optimist, Casserbelle.)

I knew that I should probably be panicked. But I wasn’t. I had peace.

Because I had a ham. (A member of our church family had given us one the night before.)

And of course because of Jesus. He’s the one who knew that I’d be forgetful on the hectic day. So He had already provided. And at the time I had no idea.

Jesus is already at your next step. He has it prepared and ordered just for you. Walk in peace.

Jeremiah 29:11

Years Later

I remember praying Take My Life by Chris Tomlin as my husband and I traveled home with our firstborn seven years ago.

I wanted nothing more in my life than for her to live completely for Jesus. In fact, mine and my husband’s verse is 3 John 4: “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

You can imagine how we felt when she accepted Jesus as her personal Savior a couple of years ago.

We were overwhelmed. And very thankful to our Jesus. He gave us exactly what we had been asking Him to do for years.

We’re praying for our youngest children to accept Christ when He calls them.

But until then we will go on praising and thanking Jesus for the opportunity to come before Him on His throne.

And for answered prayers, no matter how long it takes.

Let your requests be made known to God. He’s wanting to bless you.

Keep Going


I have a sister that is two years younger than me and I have a brother that is three years younger than her.

I couldn’t have been blessed with any better siblings. They’re the best!

But my sister and I went through a stage where we argued over everything. My brother would step in, calm us down and encourage us to get along.

We dubbed him “PMT”: Peace Maker Tim.

We did it to annoy him, to get him to be quiet.

As I read the Word today, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God” (Matthew 5:9) I thought about what an honor it is to be known as a child of God, even if people are actually ridiculing you.

I doubt that my brother understood or was thinking about that scripture. I can assure you that my sister and I weren’t.

But the facts remain. He was doing the work of The Lord and we took notice.

And finally, two decades later, God is being glorified.

Keep serving Jesus and He’ll get the glory.

Reference Point

Jesus was in the midst of persecution. People looked for Him to take Him, to bring Him harm.

But He escaped. He went to a place where He was reminded of who He was. He went to the Jordan River, where John had been known to baptize people.

Maybe it was even the place that He had been baptized.

What a place to go to for strength.

The beginning.

If you’re struggling or feeling overwhelmed I encourage you to go back to when The Lord saved you. Remember that He has a purpose for you. That you’re His. And that you have a blessed future in store.

John 10:39-42

An Example

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One of my most favorite quotes ever spoken is “Oh, Harold!” It hasn’t earned this place because of the depth of the message, but because it speaks volumes of the messenger: my grandma.

One of the first memories I have of appreciating the magnificence of our Creator took place after she praised Him.

Children have accepted Jesus as their Savior because she led them down the straight and narrow way.

She has perfected the art of being a strong, independent woman while still being a humble, submissive child of God.

She is someone I look to with gratitude, admiration and love. She is a virtuous woman who is leaving a legacy faith for generations to come.

It is my prayer that I will always follow in her footsteps, because she always leads to Jesus.

The Lord puts people in our lives to encourage us. To look to for an example. Who can you look to?

“Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10

Two-Edged Sword


“For the Word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword…”

With that piece of scripture we can feel confident enough to go up against the schemes of the devil anytime. We have the Word of God. What a powerful weapon to fight the enemy with!

But what about using the “weapon” to protect ourselves?

For example:

Proverbs 15:1 says, in part, “a soft answer turneth away wrath…” Most likely there have been many arguments fought with “I am going to kill them with kindness”. Answers are spoken quietly but turmoil rages within.

How about taking that same scripture and allowing it “to protect you” instead of “fight for you”? Truly speak a soft answer with a gentle spirit. Not to win an argument, but in obedience to the Word. In doing so you will find peace for yourself. The wrath within you vanishes. You can see more clearly, the heat of the moment passes and you are blessed by the overwhelming presence of your God.

Use your weapon wisely.

Cardboard Testimonies


My girls and I watched some “cardboard testimonies” on youtube yesterday.

So. Powerful.

And encouraging.

Jesus is very much alive and real and working in people’s lives.

Which had me wondering, what would your “cardboard testimony” be? If you had to briefly describe what Jesus has done for you, what would you say?

For me:I used to struggle with studying God’s Word/Jesus has given me the desire to get into it daily



Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt. Deuteronomy 10:19

Love Be patient, be kind, don’t think you’re better than another
Ye You
Therefore the Because
Stranger Foreigner, one unlike you, sinner
For ye Because you
Were Not anymore
Strangers Different, unaccepted, sinners
In the land of Egypt Place of bondage, not your home

To break it down


*Remember Egypt is a place that signifies bondage/captivity.

You, Christian, be patient, be kind, don’t think of yourself higher than a sinner, because you were once a sinner. You were bound by the chains of sin. But not anymore.

This scripture is great to remind us to be a humble people. It reminds us that we were once without a Savior. It teaches us to have compassion on the people still living in sin. To love them. To help lead them to freedom, the Light, Jesus.


Choose Life


Saul persecuted the church. His life’s goal was to see Jesus’ followers defeated.

Then he met Jesus on Damascus Road.

Jesus didn’t call Saul a sinner, leave him to his own and tell him there wasn’t any hope.

Instead He called Saul out on his sinful lifestyle, told him He was there for him and then gave him purpose for his life.

Are you living defeated in your past mistakes? Do you wallow in the wrongs you have done and feel like there isn’t any hope?

Those feelings aren’t of The Lord.

Yes, He calls sin sin, but then he willingly forgives it. He doesn’t bring it back up to beat you down. He stretches out His hand for you to rise up in Him. He gives you a hope and a future filled with promise.

Be conscience of which voice you’re listening to.  One is life. One is death.

Choose life.

Acts 26:13-19

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