Three years and three months ago my girls and I were living eight hours away from my husband five of the seven days a week. This went on for ten months. At the end of the seventh month the plans to purchase a house for all of us to be together again fell through. I spouted off at the mouth, accusing God of not caring.

My faith was barely there. But thankfully God’s grace was ever present.

Three years ago, almost to the day, we moved into the house that we now call home. We are without a doubt living the life God has ordained for us.

Not because of great faith (or lack thereof) that my husband or I possessed are we living the life we now live. But all because of the grace of God.

Sometimes we get focused on the amount of faith we have. We feel like because of our big faith we get what we want. Or maybe we question if our little faith prevented us from seeing the results we had hoped for.

But really it’s all about God’s grace and his plan for your life. The faith you have is sufficient. It has allowed you to accept salvation. This faith has erased doubt. It has opened doors for God to bless you as he sees fit.

So lay aside pride or guilt, you’re faith is a gift of God’s grace in your life. And God’s grace is what is to be celebrated.

Lamentations 3:22-25